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At TMA we understand that you want to do the best for your customers, and keep them and their loved ones safe. This is why we provide you with two options – you can either write the business yourself, or refer them to a protection specialist whilst still earning commission and keeping ownership of your customer.

As part of our Protection offering, we can also provide your firm with complimentary, bespoke protection sales training, which is aimed at developing your team’s skills and confidence to help them take their protection conversations further, and increase their conversion rate.



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Writing Protection Business Yourself

Our Protection offering provides:

  • A panel of leading providers
  • A wide range of highly competitive products
  • Enhanced commission terms

Our additional Protection services include access to:

  • Assureweb or SolutionBuilder
  • CI Expert
  • UnderwriteMe’s Protection Platform

To help make transferring your protection agencies to TMA seamless, our Broker Support Team will do this for you.

Our Protection Referral Service


Referral Partners

Protection Referral Service

Our Protection referral service provides you with option to refer your customers to a ‘Protection Specialist’, who will take full liability for the protection advice, whilst ensuring your customer receives the advice they need and are offered the products most appropriate for them.

Why refer your Protection business to a specialist?

  • Good customer outcomes
  • Keep your customers safe
  • Introducer fee paid
  • Increase your revenue


*These services are chargeable


Choose whether you want to do the business directly, or if you would like to refer the business, by using the drop-down below.


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