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Protection Toolkit.

Our protection toolkit, guidance, learning resources and support documentation will help you to have informed conversations with your clients whilst keeping you up-do-date with the best protection cover options.

Our expert resource banks will help you to find useful tools and guides to make selling protection to your clients and setting up quality policies simple and easy.


Now more than ever, it’s vital to have honest conversations with your clients about their protection requirements, whether they’re new clients or existing. Stay up-do-date with your clients and be sure to assess and reassess their circumstances so you can advise the best protection options for them.

Take that extra time to listen, assess their situation and discuss the potential risks they may face in the future. It’s vital your clients understand the importance of cover and how it can give them peace of mind for the future, should the worst happen.

Aviva Income Protection Video

Aviva have recorded an Income Protection Video specifically for TMA members to benefit from a real life case study example of how Aviva can help.

The video is 2 hours and 1 minute long and you can claim all this back once you have watched the video online.

Watch their video here…


Supporting your clients Mental Health
Mental Health issues are common, perhaps more so than many people realise, and the Covid-19 pandemic of the last few years has only exacerbated the issues. More people than ever are suffering with their Mental Health. We will explore the impact of mental health issues, dispel the myth that clients with a mental health problem will struggle to get cover and, detail how Aviva’s DigiCare+ can support crucial support to your clients.

Ask The Claims Expert – How do we support our IP claimants
Join our Claims Philosophy Manager; Jacqueline Kerwood and National Account Manager, Paula Pearson where they will be talking about just how much support we offer our Income Protection claimants, and how we go that extra mile to help them every step of the way. Get your questions ready!

Critical Illness v’s Income Protection
Well which would you choose? Find out just how well these two products work together to really complement each other, and how at Aviva we have a range of Income Protection solutions to support your customers.

Did you know?
Join us to find out just how much you do know about our Income protection benefits and sales support with our game of “did you know”…

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Protection calculators from some of the best in the industry will help you to help your clients make faster, more informed decisions about their Protection Cover.

To use the protection calculators click here


  • Salary Sacrifice Calculator
  • Inheritance tax (IHT) calculator

Click here to view more Aegon calculators.


  • Income Protection Calculator
  • Mortgage Protection Calculator

Click here to view more AIG calculators 


  • Income Protection Calculator

Click here to view more Aviva calculators


  • Claims benefit calculator


  • Income protection quotation


  • Deadline to Breadline
  • Risk calculator

Click here


  • Risk Reality Calculator
  • Product Matchmaker

Click here to view more LV= calculators.


  • Affordability Calculator
  • Affordability calculator

Click here to view more Royal London calculators


  • Relevant Life Polocy Calculator


  • Whole of Life

Click here to view more Zurich calculators.

Shareable Videos

Below you’ll find an up-to-date collection of useful video resources offering important insights into what to consider when discussing Protection with your clients, insightful case studies, an array of menus and much more.

If you’d like to explore more of our video resources, visit our YouTube page.

Watch the TMA Provider shareable Videos here


Charles and Libby – Business Protection Case Study


Ways to Stay Protected


Income Protection: Alia’s story


Global Treatment


Build a client understanding of life insurance.


Help clients protect their future with life insurance.

Royal London

What’s on the menu?

Royal London

Making Income Protection an essential part of the menu conversation.

British Friendly

Fewer Clicks, Faster Cover!

Legal & General

Critical Illness Cover.


Myth vs Reality: Part 1.


Athos’ story.

Benefits Comparison table

Our Benefits Comparison table is a useful tool for sharing the kinds of additional health, wealth and leisure benefits your clients may find invaluable as part of their cover. Log in to view and download our full list of protection panel “bolt-ons”.

Click here to view the full benefits table

PDF Guides

Explore expert, relevant and up-do-date guides from just some of the top names in the industry. Whenever a new guide for Protection is published, we’ll be sure to include it in our bank of useful documents so you always have the best and most recent information to share with your clients.


Our selection of underwriting tools will offer you in-depth support to assist you with your clients’ protection needs. If you have further questions about underwriting for protection, please don’t hesitate to give our friendly Broker Support Team a call. They’re always happy to help!

Click here to access TMA Protection Provider underwriting tools


Underwriting limits
This guide outlines Aegon’s medical and financial underwriting requirements. The limits below are a guide to the minimum medical and financial evidence they ask for.

Visit their document library here for full details on their underwriting questionnaires and guides.


View AIG’s range of support materials, essential forms and underwriting information.

The underwriting guides including the Quick reference underwriting guide covering non-medical limits, height and weight, occupations, driving and financial underwriting. Underwriting decisions may differ due to the coronavirus pandemic.


As an in-depth drilldown into each of their products underwriting limits Guardian have multiple website pages including their limits, non medial limits, BMI and medical underwriting.

Life Protection underwriting

Critical Illness underwriting

Life and Critical Illness underwriting

Holloway Friendly

Quick reference underwriting guide
Watch this short underwriting video with an accompanied PDF Guide. This guide is designed to help you through the underwriting process by detailing:

  • The types of medical evidence Holloway ask for
  • The types of decisions Holloway may offer
  • An explanation of each condition
  • The information Holloway need to know for each condition
  • An indication of terms that may be offered for the most common medical conditions Holloway are asked about.

Legal & General

Accurate underwriting is essential to providing your clients with a fair price for their cover and ensuring valuable benefits are not lost through misrepresentation. How your client lives their life, what they do for a living and where they live all have an impact on the cost of their cover.

Get familiar with the details of the underwriting process, medical evidence requirements and Legal & General’s straightforward claims process.

To help, outlined are the most requested documents. To learn more click here.


LV= understand that a simplified underwriting journey is important to you.  They’ve ensured you can make full and accurate disclosures easily, giving the confidence that a claim will be paid.

Find out more about LV= underwriting.


When your clients buy one of Royal London’s protection plans, they’re buying a promise that, should they suffer from something that’s covered under their plan, Royal London will pay out money to help provide them with financial security.

Everyone is different and this means that each client poses a different level of risk. The Royal London Measuring Risk guide looks into emphasising the potential impact of misrepresentation, tools of the trade, a full medical underwriting guide, family history and more!

Adviser guide to underwriting

Underwriting Limits


We aim to provide your clients with instant decisions and access to immediate cover.

If we do ask for evidence, although we are able to capture full disclosures during the online questionnaire, we only ask for evidence we need to provide you with a decision.

From easy access to more kinds of cover, including mental health issues, and instant decisions, discover how our transparent, tailored and inclusive underwriting can help you protect more clients.

Click here to find out more.


The Exeter have created a series of downloadable underwriting questionnaires including;

  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Health declarations
  • Medical history
  • A review of health exclusions
  • and a Life cover financial stability


The process of underwriting is where Vitality decide if they can offer a customer the cover they have applied for and what premium they should be charged.

The application process involves answering questions that are designed to capture the information we need to build a clearer picture of the life to be insured and the risk factors which may increase the likelihood of them claiming.

Click here to read the Vitality underwriting requirements.


At Zurich our goal is to create an easy and fast application journey and to individually underwrite each client to provide fair and accurate terms that are tailored to their personal circumstances.

We’re constantly developing our underwriters and underwriting system. This ensures we’re always up to speed with the ever changing world of medicine and protection products. Our underwriters have on average 15 years experience, so you and your client will have plenty of support on hand.

Click here for their underwriting guide.


Our friendly, expert Broker Support Team are here to assist with all of your Protection questions and enquiries. If you’re already a TMA member and have a query about any of our services or tools, they’re here to help!

Give them a call on 0330 303 0236
use our quick call-back form for a call from your Key Account Manager.