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The latest issue of Protection Bulletin is now available!

For some time now we have been highlighting the power of having the protection conversation with your clients – not just because it’s the right thing to do for them when they’re making a major purchase, or undertaking an enormous life-changing discussion, but because it presents the perfect opportunity to develop longstanding relationships with your clients that will keep them returning to you for advice time-and-again.

But what about if they already have protection, but they’re about to have their first, second or third child? What if they’ve changed jobs? What if their financial circumstances have changed? Do you leave them to come to you to have a conversation about their changing needs? Do you leave it to them to make the decision to set up a meeting if they’re financially struggling?

The answer is obvious. That’s why in this edition of our Protection Bulletin, we’re holding a torch up to protection review, why it’s important, and how you should approach it. Plus some of the new products and services that have been made available by our providers to support you in supporting your clients.

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