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Guardian believe the single most important thing about a protection policy is that it pays out quickly when you expect it to. So, they do a number of things differently to make sure their policies do just that. They offer Life Protection, Critical Illness Protection, Combined Life and Critical Illness Protection, Income Protection and Children’s Critical Illness Protection.

Key Features:

  • Dual Life approach – Protection policies for couples that won’t leave a claimant’s partner without cover.
  • Critical illness definitions – Crystal clear policy wording that provides quicker payouts.
  • Optional children’s critical illness cover – More flexible cover that can be added to a parent’s life, critical illness, combined or income protection policy.
  • Terminal illness – Life cover designed to pay out sooner rather than later.
  • Cover upgrade promise – If we improve our critical illness definitions, every customer can benefit. Not just the new ones.
  • Own job definition
  • Premium Waiver as standard
  • HALO claims support – tailored medical and legal support when it’s needed most
  • Guardian Anytime – Our policyholders get free access to vital medical expertise anytime they need it.
  • Underwriting Qi presales tool

Registration Process:

To do business with Guardian, you’ll need to register first. They don’t have a traditional agency set up – all registrations are online. Before you can register as an individual, your firm will need to register. You’ll need the person in your firm who’s authorised to sign terms of business to do that online using their secure Discussion process – Guardian then just need the FRN number and some key information including the company bank details and address.

As soon as your firm is registered, individual advisers can then register. To register yourself, please have your IRN handy. If you don’t have it, or you’re not registered with the FCA, that’s OK, you can still register and submit business straightaway.

Click here to register.

Contact details:

Enquiries & Claims

Call for claims: 0808 173 1821
Call for enquiries: 0808 133 1821

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