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Breathe new life into your CI business with CIExpert
In this time of historic change in the protection industry, critical illness policies, although improving at an unprecedented rate which can only be a positive change for consumers and the industry alike, are also becoming ever more complex to compare. Deciding what to recommend to your client has become somewhat of a minefield.

However, with CIExpert selecting the best CI policy for your client has never been simpler. With the use of their statistical ranking system a level of insight that could previously only have been achieved with many hours of detailed research can now be achieved in a few minutes, saving you both time and money.

Key Features:

  • Online service that advisers to increase efficiency and confidence in assessing the most appropriate critical illness policy for their clients
  • A detailed ranking system based upon incidence statistics, makes matching policies to individual client’s needs effortless
  • Access to a detailed knowledge base of both current and historical policies

Once you’ve created a comparison, matched to your client’s individual needs, the system provides you a detailed report. Advisers tell CIExpert that client’s love their reports, finding them both informative and professional. And that when their clients have a clear insight into the trade-off between quality and cost of competing plans, the vast majority will choose to pay more for a superior plan.

So not only will your clients benefit from a superior product, but your bottom line will feel the benefit too.

Get Started:

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