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When business owners or high-status employees want the mental comfort of knowing they will be supported financially in the event a partner or employee is unable to work and a loss of income is likely to be suffered, there is sure to be a business protection policy that meets their demands.

Take advantage of our helpful referral solution to call upon experts in this segment of the protection field to arrange the ideal policy, while you still retain commission and ownership of your customer.

Make business protection insurance a much more prominent area within your proposition and start supporting key business owners and executives with the long-term support they need as they grow in personnel and in profits.

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Our Products and Services

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Key Person Protection

Guide your clients to long-term financial stability upon the loss of an executive or similar employee of key status within the business.

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Business Loan Protection

Protect your clients who have taken out a loan or commercial mortgage and are relying on their partner to help with repayments.

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Shareholder Protection

Shares are critical for public businesses. Make sure your clients have control over their company in the event of their partners death.

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Relevant Life Plan

A cost-effective and tax-efficient life insurance solution. Provide your clients with the necessary financial support after the death of an employee.


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