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LifeQuote provides the only end-to-end protection sales support service for advisers, helping you grow your business by reducing the time, hassle and risk of selling protection. Using LifeQuote to administer your protection sales saves you, on average, three hours for every case that goes on risk, freeing you up to grow your business.

Handover the admin to LifeQuote, the only end-to-end service taking away the hassle and risk of writing protection. Using LifeQuote to administer your protection applications saves you three hours on average per case, freeing you up to meet more clients and grow your business. Advisers using LifeQuote Administration write 20% more protection.

LifeQuote offer two core services:

LifeQuote Platform:

  • Quote engine: quote and compare multiple products in one request and tailor cover with add-on benefits.
  • Research: compare term products (including whole of life), income protection and critical illness – all in one place through SmartCompare. Download a bespoke report and include it in your suitability wording, demonstrating your recommendation holistically in terms of product value and price.
  • Pre-sales underwriting: easily check which insurer will cover your client with Decision in Principle, helping you manage client expectations and reducing the risk of applications being deferred or declined.

Key Features:

  • More time for you, less hassle
  • Write more business & grow your income
  • Reduce risk with LifeQuote’s Disclosure Protection
  • Better persistency & reduced clawback
  • VIP service resulting in priority underwriting
  • Enhanced MI across all cases and insurers
  • One point of contact and one process
  • One stop-shop pre and post-sale

Applying to LifeQuote

If you wish to package any protection cases or need a bit of extra time, please complete the application form below and return it to

Once received LifeQuote will send you access to the system and you can get started. Within a week, they will complete all the checks e.g. credit score, Company accounts and FCA status to assess your application and it is standard practice to request a personal guarantee where indemnity commission will be paid to you.

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