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Private Surveys Referral Service

Private Surveys could potentially save your clients thousands of pounds, yet not many customers know much about them. Many people will assume that their lender’s valuation will tell them about any issues with the property, but this is not the case. A lender’s valuation is purely for the benefit of the lender and not for the client. So what can Private Surveys find that Valuations can’t?

Read below to find out more, or download our handy guide here.

You can refer your clients to e.surv without worrying about cross-selling as Valuations and Private Surveys are the only services they provide.

e.surv Chartered Surveyors are one of the country’s largest providers of residential property risk expertise and residential surveying services, trading since 1989. To put it into numbers, they complete the equivalent of one inspection every twenty-five seconds.

They are part of the LSL Property Services Plc Group of companies. They work with lenders, intermediaries, social housing entities, and estate agents, as well as private customers.

Please note: Due to current circumstances, e.surv are not taking referrals for Private Build Surveys. Private Valuations, Homebuyer Reports and Condition Reports remain unaffected.

If you have any questions on current timescales or case updates, please contact e.surv directly on 01536 535 586 and tell them you are a member of TMA.

Why e.surv?

e.surv have a UK network of over 400 full-time surveyors and a reliable network of consultant surveyors offering residential valuations and other residential services.

All their surveyors are RICS accredited, and benefit from their industry-leading technology. And because of their structure, they’re able to offer their customers the flexibility of national coverage with local expertise. But you wouldn’t expect anything less from a business with their heritage, would you?

  • Room for negotiation – If the private survey states the property isn’t worth the sale price, or there are any issues that the report flags up then your customer can negotiate a new price
  • You earn a referral fee – For every customer you refer that completes, you’ll be paid £75 for a private survey or standard valuation and £35 for a Help to Buy Valuation
  • Full UK coverage – Surveyors available in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • All surveys taken out by a qualified surveyor – Over 400 RICs qualified surveyors
  • Independent view – Private surveys will be for your customer’s eyes, not the benefit of their lender and will help them make an informed decision about the property they are buying

Products they offer

Buying a house is one of the most important and stressful decisions in a person’s life, and a survey is an important part of this process.

An important factor for the right product is that a survey is not a valuation for a lender, this is for the benefit of the customer.

Backed by RICS, you can highlight the benefits a survey can offer a homebuyer and have confidence in building customer relations, by providing the customer with all the information up front.

  • Level 1: RICS Condition Report – This shows the condition of the property, offers guidance to legal advisers and highlights any urgent defects. It is aimed at conventional properties and new homes. No Valuation is provided.
  • Level 2: RICS Homebuyer Report – This includes all the features of the Condition Report, plus market Valuation and insurance rebuild costs. It includes advice on defects that may affect the value of the property with repairs, and ongoing maintenance advice.
  • Level 3: RICS Building Survey – Essential for larger older properties, or if planning major works. The most comprehensive report providing an in-depth analysis of the property’s condition and includes advice on defects, repairs and maintenance options.


There are many reasons why your client might need an independent valuation of their property. They may simply be interested to know the value of their home or may be a cash buyer seeking some guidance. Alternatively there may be a more specific reason as to why they need a valuation.

Here are three examples:

Your client will need a market valuation for Help to Buy purposes from a RICS registered surveyor if they are selling their house, remortgaging or repaying their Help to Buy loan.

This is a mandatory requirement on top of the usual lender Valuation, and therefore an opportunity you shouldn’t miss… if you don’t instruct the Valuation, someone else will!

If your customer is increasing their share as part of a Shared Ownership scheme (staircasing), they will require a shared ownership valuation to be undertaken by a RICS Registered Valuer. This Valuation will exclude any improvement works carried out by the share owner. Alternatively, your customer will need a Valuation if they decide to sell their property. This Valuation will include any improvements that have been made.

If your customer is buying their social housing property, they may wish to obtain their own valuation of the property – independent of their landlord.

Whatever the reason for their Valuation, e.surv Chartered Surveyors has a network of valuers across the UK who use local knowledge, combined with valuing expertise, to assess the value of their property.

Consumer Guides

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Property Defects & Solutions

Customer Q&A

RICS Video

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Guide to Surveys

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e.surv also provide a Mortgage Valuation Inspection which is essentially for lenders to establish that a property is suitable security for lending purposes.

The House Buying Process

How to refer your customer to e.surv

  • First you must sign an agreement with e.surv. Click here to see a copy, or call e.surv on 01536 535 586, tell them you are a member of TMA and they will send the form to you to sign. You will then need to email it to epdq.tma@esurv.co.uk .
  • To refer your customer, click here to see the details required and send them to epdq.tma@esurv.co.uk.
  • e.surv will then take ownership and will update you to let you know whether the survey is going ahead or not
  • If you are referring a customer for a Help to Buy Valuation please ensure you state this on the customer referral form.

Regional Fee Scales

All fee scales have now been reduced by 10% permanently.

An additional £25 has also been taken off every fee.

These fees are only available via TMA, and not directly through e.surv.


Building Survey Homebuyer Valuation Home Condition
< £125K 795 506 312 360
£125k – £250k 814 518 320 369
£250K – £500k 928 592 367 423
£500K – £750k 1,004 641 398 459
£750K – £1m 1.042 666 413 477
£1m – £1.25m 1,347 863 539 620
£1.25m – £1.5m 1,424 913 570 656
£1.5m – £2m 1,500 962 601 692


Building Survey Homebuyer Valuation Home Condition
< £125K 739 477 302 345
£125k – £250k 757 488 310 354
£250K – £500k 863 558 353 406
£500K – £750k 934 605 386 440
£750K – £1m 970 628 401 457
£1m – £1.25m 1,254 815 523 595
£1.25m – £1.5m 1,325 861 554 630
£1.5m – £2m 1,396 908 584 664


Building Survey Homebuyer Valuation Home Condition
< £125K 831 524 319 371
£125k – £250k 851 537 327 380
£250K – £500k 970 614 375 435
£500K – £750k 1,050 665 407 442
£750K – £1m 1,089 690 423 491
£1m – £1.25m 1,408 895 550 638
£1.25m – £1.5m 1,487 946 582 675
£1.5m – £2m 1,567 997 614 712


Building Survey Homebuyer Valuation Home Condition
< £125K 975 596 344 408
£125k – £250k 998 611 353 418
£250K – £500k 1,137 697 404 479
£500K – £750k 1,230 755 439 519
£750K – £1m 1,277 784 456 539
£1m – £1.25m 1,649 1,015 593 700
£1.25m – £1.5m 1,742 1,073 628 740
£1.5m – £2m 1,835 1,131 662 781