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Holloway Friendly


At Holloway Friendly they are committed to income protection, especially since they invented it back in 1875.

They want to make income protection inclusive and accessible to all, supporting people that are unable to work due to illness and injury.

Holloway will provide you and all advisers with the support, help and tools you need to tell your clients about the benefits of income protection and how they should insure their most important asset – their income. Because without an income they can’t pay for anything.

They know one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to income protection, but their new one2protect product means you can tailor cover to fit your clients’ needs:

  • Choice of level or age-costed premiums
  • Range of short or long-term claim periods
    Automatic benefit guarantee up to £1,500pm
  • Range of Guaranteed Insurability Options
  • Suitable for lower risk occupations

Key Features:

  • Premium discounts for exclusions considered
  • No automatic medical underwriting limits at any age
  • Type 2 Diabetes considered
  • Generous BMI limits
  • Reviewable exclusions
  • Maximum benefit up to £60,000

Find out more about one2protect or book in a personalised training session with one of their Business Development team.

Registration Process:

Contact details:

Speak to a member of the Adviser Support Team
Tel: 0800 716 654
Email: Holloway adviser support team

Speak to a member of the Underwriting Team
Tel: 01452 782 760

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