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Support BTL clients better, with our help and insight

Let’s be honest, the current BTL landscape is a bit of a mixed bag. 25 enquiries received from prospective tenants for every letting property in the UK, there’s clearly no shortage of demand. But new landlords face considerable start-up costs – and tougher rules and regulations than ever before.

Still worth it? We think so!

At TML,  we’re convinced that a well-managed BTL business is still a viable investment option for many people, and should remain that way for decades to come. And crucially, prospective landlords will benefit from the guidance and support of brokers like you.

Our new Lending Lowdown article covers:

  • A background to the current rental market
  • A summary of start-up costs including stamp duty, surveys and valuation
  • Regulatory developments on eviction laws and ‘Decent Homes’ standards
  • The potential benefits of setting up a limited company

Whether you’re new to the BTL market or a seasoned pro, you’ll gain new information and inspiration from our new article.

Read our article here