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No more hard-footprints for an Agreement in Principle

By Alan Ferguson, Senior Corporate Account Manager

NatWest Intermediary Solutions have introduced a new credit decision engine that is initially available exclusively for brokers from the 26th April.

There are many benefits for customers who choose a NatWest mortgage via an intermediary, including that there is now no hard footprint left at the Agreement in Principle (AiP) stage and no limit to the volume of AiPs for each customer. Only at the full mortgage application stage (FMA) will the soft footprint be converted into a hard footprint.

Other benefits include:

  • The AiP will be guaranteed for 30 days, provided that no changes are made
  • NatWest have simplified their decision and warning messages to provide you with greater clarity and understanding
  • The streamlining of back end processes mean that you should see a reduction in requests for customer identification
  •  They will, in future, be able to display the relevant packaging requirements to your customer in a more bespoke fashion
  • Should any reassessment of the application be necessary, the original parameters set out in the AiP will persist for the life of application

AiP transition period

  • AiPs completed before launch of the new decision engine on 26th April must be progressed to FMA by the 7th After this, your AiP will expire.  All new AiPs started after 26th April will be valid for 30 days
  • For those cases started before 26th April, they will require supporting documentation to be provided within 15 working days

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