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Retain by Eligible
Retain re-engages your customers 6 months before their SVR kicks in and keeps them engaged and informed up until it’s time for them to call you to remortgage — no more calendar reminders, chasing clients or missed retention opportunities.

Key Features:

Retain provides all the information you and your customer need all in one place.

It run calculations on your back book to understand the relationship between your customer and their mortgage product. They system knows what your clients should do, what they want to do and send them relevant communications that sound like you.

These messages keep your clients engaged with information related to their mortgage and then prompts them to schedule a call with you when it’s time to switch.

From there you’re presented with a list of hot leads, ready to talk and easy to convert. You get in there first, beating lenders to it.

In a nutshell

  • Plug & play solution
  • No need for IT resource or API integration
  • Compliant with regulatory requirements for mortgages
  • Accessible and easy to use with a dedicated support team
  • Designed with brokers, lenders and clients

What their customers are saying…

“Retain is already making our retention business customer-led. We now know exactly when customers would like to speak and are doing more business in less time. Our advisers love the simplicity and it feels like a solution built for the way they work.”

David Walton, MD, Linear Financial Service

Registration Process:

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