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Harpenden Building Society


Harpenden Building Society

Harpenden Building Society was established in 1953 by local business people. Their aim is to offer mortgages and savings products relevant to families in the local area in addition to supporting local communities through their charitable trust. The Society has a strong regional heritage and remains committed to continuing to serve the unique needs of Harpenden customers in their geographic heartland.

The Society currently operates a network of 6 branches across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, supported by a Member Services Team based in the Head Office.

About Harpenden

Harpenden believe in helping people towards a safe and secure financial future. They understand what is important to their customers. Financial services can often sound intimidating or confusing so Harpenden aim to deal with their customers in a personable and friendly manner.

They are proud to be a small independent Mutual Society and are are owned by savers and borrowers. The moment you take out a mortgage with Harpenden, you become a member. They exist for the benefit of their members.

Harpenden provide mortgages tailored to the requirements of the customer.

Harpenden mortgages are individually underwritten. There’s no tick-box credit scoring, just an individually assessed, common-sense approach using good judgement and sound lending practice. That way they get to completely understand the customers specific needs.

Their policy of lending to people in different types of employment has kept pace in an ever-changing environment. They therefore lend to people who are; employed, self-employed, retired and contractors and pride ourselves on being flexible and accommodating to the changing nature of income. Harpenden consider many income sources when determining mortgage affordability.

They make complex mortgages seem simple and their pragmatic and sensible approach ensures a mortgage application is individually assessed using common-sense.

Registration process

To register with Harpenden Contact the Mortgage/Underwriting team and the whole process is paper based. For registration and payment conformation contact their Post Support desk on 01582463133 or email mortgages@harpenden.co.uk

Business Development team primary contacts:

Jean Errington

Business Development Manager

07483 310314


Graeme Aitken

Business Development Manager

07483 310334


Andrew Foster

Business Development Administrator

01582 463133