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The Loan Partnership is a well established and experienced Master Broker of Specialist Finance, whose primary business is that of bridging finance and second charge mortgages. The Loan Partnership are authroised and regulated by the FCA, and their CeMAP qualified staff provide regulated advice.

They focus on working relationships with lenders, and have the ability to place deals which sit outside of their published terms. In short, The Loan Partnership may be able to place a deal which has been turned down elsewhere. It’s always worth giving them a call and seeing what that can do.

The Loan Partnership lend in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for second charge mortgages, and England, Scotland and Wales for bridging.

Contact The Loan Partnership on 0192 3250 090

Key Features:

  • Service, Service, Service
  • Excellent Lender relationships
  • All Team Members CeMAP qualified
  • 100% of files checked for adherence to compliance procedures
  • Payments made as soon as we receive payment from our Lender
  • 22 diverse and flexible lender relationships

Registration process

To register with The Loan Partnership give them a call on 01923 250 090 ensuring you tell them you are a member of TMA.

If you are already registered with The Loan Partnership but connected with another Club you can request this to be changed to TMA by calling them on 01923 250 090.

Contact details

John Webb, Director

Get in touch with us today.

Need criteria support? Contact the experts on our Broker Support Team.