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Specialist finance broker, The Loan Partnership, has today showcased its new brand, demonstrating a contemporary direction steered by managing director, Joe Defries.

This rebrand includes a fresh website and a renewed visual identity.

Founded in 2013, The Loan Partnership’s branding remained consistent until Defries stepped in a year ago. “I’m acutely aware that you only get one chance to make a first impression, and I felt that the previous branding and website didn’t reflect the business we have evolved into over the last 10 years,” remarked Defries.

He added: “We are a modern business, and I wanted our ‘shop window’ to reflect that. Being part of the Pivotal Growth group of companies has made achieving this a lot easier. I had fantastic support for the project from them and was also able to draw on the expertise of Dolly Draper, director at The Hidden Margin.

“While I don’t have anyone in-house with Dolly’s skills and expertise, she willingly gave her time and knowledge to create the re-branding we’ve launched today. I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

Frances Berry, team leader at The Loan Partnership, added: “I’ve been with the company since it started and it’s great to see the re-branding live now. I really like the way it looks and I’m sure it will make a big difference to how our customers and introducers see us. I’ve already had lots of positive direct feedback from them.”

Contact The Loan Partnership on 0192 3250 090

Key Features:

  • Service, Service, Service
  • Excellent Lender relationships
  • All Team Members CeMAP qualified
  • 100% of files checked for adherence to compliance procedures
  • Payments made as soon as we receive payment from our Lender
  • 22 diverse and flexible lender relationships

Registration process

To register with The Loan Partnership give them a call on 01923 250 090 ensuring you tell them you are a member of TMA.

If you are already registered with The Loan Partnership but connected with another Club you can request this to be changed to TMA by calling them on 01923 250 090.

Contact details

John Webb, Director

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