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MPowered Mortgages


MPowered Mortgages is on a mission to change the mortgage industry.

We’re an award-winning broker-only mortgage lender who uses smart technology to make the experience of getting a mortgage fundamentally better for everyone.

We offer hassle-free mortgages that provide certainty. Leaving you more time to advise, and find great outcomes for your customers.

Here’s how

  • Our platform has been designed by brokers, for brokers
  • We know the importance of borrowers getting advice – and that’s via you
  • We’ll always be an intermediary-only lender, we won’t go direct

Key Features:

Using the latest tech, we’ve created a revolutionary platform that puts you in control and your client at ease:

  • Highly competitive prime residential rates that rival the ‘big 6’
  • Fully digital and trackable application process – know what’s happening at every stage
  • Real-time underwriting – we’ll start assessing your case on your first keystroke
  • Simple, easy and quick application – get an AIP in less than 3 minutes, and submit a FMA in less than 10 minutes
  • Soft footprint at AIP

Registration Process:

Fill out the quick and easy registration form, MPowered will verify your FCA number and details and within 24 hours, we’ll notify you to confirm your access – click here to register

Register here

Contact details:

Broker Support:
0800 260 5949

01483 257914

Telephone: ‪01483 357912

MPowered, Pannell House, Park Street
Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4HN

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