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Melton Building Society


Melton Building Society has been providing mortgages for over 140 years and they are committed to supporting brokers to help people buy their own homes.

Key Features:

  • No credit scoring
  • Flexible underwriting and cases looked at individually
  • Available across England and Wales
  • Direct contact with the assessor dealing with your application
  • Dedicated Broker Support Team
  • Specialist in self build mortgages
  • Long successful track record of handling complex cases

Products and criteria that help you, help your client

  • Short Term Lending
    • Loans £100k to £750k
    • No ERCs
  • Shared Ownership mortgages
    • 5% deposit
    • Minimum age 18
  • Self Build mortgages
  • Credit Repair mortgages
  • Buy to Let mortgages
    • Let to family
    • Non owner occupiers, first time buyers and first time landlords
  • Residential mortgages
    • Low deposit (5%)
    • New build houses with up to 90% LTV
    • Flats up to 95% LTV (new build max 60% LTV)
    • Remortgage up to 95% LTV

Registration Process:

You can register online here following a five step prosess.

If you have any changes to your details or payment route this can be discussed with Broker Support on 01664 414144.

Contact details:

Business Development Manager
Jasmine Smith
Tel: 07738 312225

Broker Support Team
Tel: 01664 414144

Get in touch with us today.

Need criteria support? Contact the experts on our Broker Support Team.