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LiveMore Capital


At LiveMore, we’re proud to bring a ‘can-do’ approach to lending.

We welcome all kinds of income including pensions or rent income, investments, savings, salary and more. We offer a broad range of mortgages from interest only to capital repayment and lend up to 85% LTV, with terms they can flex over time.

We also promise premium service from real humans who care – even in ‘not-your-average’ cases. Let’s work together to try to say yes to your 50-90+ clients.

Key Features:

All incomes welcome

  • To give you maximum borrowing power

Wide range of products

  • From capital repayment to interest only

Can-do approach

  • We promise you premium service from real humans who care about no-your-average cases


We can help in all cases when your client is aged 50-90+, but here are some of the scenarios we see most often.

End of term
Sometimes called mortgage prisoners, these clients are stuck on a high interest rate and no longer meet the criteria of their existing lenders.

Debt consolidation
Clients who see an opportunity to reduce existing monthly payments and increase disposable income through consolidation of existing debts.

Bank of Mum and Dad
Clients who want to help their children or grandchildren with financial support to get on the housing ladder or pay off student loans etc.

Purchasing a home
Borrowers over 50 who aspire to buying their dream home or second home can benefit from our human approach to underwriting.

Home improvements
Clients who want to update their existing property can free up funds with our mortgages.

Inheritance Tax
Clients looking to take a mortgage and then use / gift the proceeds to reduce the amount of family tax that might be due in the future.

Registration Process:

To register with LiveMore you will be required to complete the registration process.

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Contact details:

Contact us on 020 4525 7754 or where one of the team will be happy to assist you.

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