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By combining the right experts with market-leading technologies, LendInvest makes every deal simpler and quicker for your clients.

With a broad funding base and full bridging, development and BTL ranges they are able to support every deal from start to finish.

Key features Flexible BTL products;

  • With deep pockets, Lendinvest have the capacity to fund every type of deal
  • Specialists in LTD Co incorporations, large HMOs and MUFBs
  • Lower rates for properties with higher EPC ratings
  • Apply and manage every deal through the BTL portal
  • Get direct access to case managers and underwriter

See rates, LTVs and get your instant quotes here.

Key Features:

  • Same rates for Individual & Limited Companies
  • Time saving technologies
  • Direct access to their underwriters to keep the process easy from start to finish
  • Field-based BDMs available in your area.
  • Online calculators for instant quotes

Registration Process:

Registering is easy – Go to their Broker Portal and request access. This will then allow you to fill out your contact details. You will get an email once your registration is confirmed and you can get started on your next deal.

Select TMA once on the Product Selection application screen, there will then be a section where you will select TMA to receive the correct procuration fee.

Contact details:

Buy to Let
New enquiries
Tel: 020 3846 6838

New enquiries
Tel: 020 3846 6886

New enquiries
Tel: 020 3846 6886

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Need criteria support? Contact the experts on our Broker Support Team.