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Harpenden Building Society


Harpenden Building Society provide mortgages tailored to a customer’s needs and individually underwritten. That way they get to completely understand their specific needs.

They are completely intermediaries focussed, and aim is to make complex mortgages seem simple. Their pragmatic and sensible approach ensures mortgage applications are individually assessed using common-sense.

Their policy of lending to people in different types of employment has kept pace in an ever-changing environment. Harpenden Building Society therefore lend to people who are employed, self-employed, retired and contractors.

Harpenden Building Society pride themselves on being flexible and accommodating to the changing nature of income.  They consider many income sources when determining mortgage affordability.  These include salary, bonus and commission, self-employed income, pension and investment or trust income.

Key Features:

  • Take an individual, common-sense approach using good judgment and sound lending practice
  • Harpenden take a flexible view on the merits of a case
  • They have clear, fair and transparent charges
  • Many types of income when assessing affordability
  • Quick in processing mortgage applications
  • No upper age restriction and up to 4 borrowers per application

Registration Process:

To register with Harpenden, contact the Mortgage/Underwriting team or register online with a few simple steps. For registration and payment confirmation contact their Post Support desk on 01582 463133 or email

Contact details:

Business Development team primary contact:

Jean Errington
Business Development Manager
Tel: 07483 310314

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