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Halifax Intermediaries


Halifax Intermediaries is committed to providing you with a wide range of products to suit your clients’ needs with an award-winning market leading service and an extensive BDM network, to ensure they make it easier for you to do business.

Their innovative product range offers a variety of solutions for first time buyers, homemovers and those looking to re-mortgage, including product transfers.

Key Features:

  • Market-leading service from application to offer with day one verification of documents
  • Flexible criteria to accommodate and maximise the many income types
  • Up to 5 times Loan to Income multiples

Registration Process:

The registration is a 2 step process where it will only take a few minutes to complete, your details will be passed for authorisation and upon receipt of your confirmation email you can move onto to step 2. Click here for more details (a change to payment routes must be confirmed via TMA.)

Contact details:

All new enquires should be made via your BDM/TBDM

Case updates
Tel: 0345 030 6253

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Need criteria support? Contact the experts on our Broker Support Team.