Earl Shilton Building Society


Lending throughout England and Wales, Earl Shilton Building Society (esbs) is one of the longest established building societies in the UK.

esbs provides a competitive range of residential mortgages, coupled with a flexible and ‘common-sense’ approach to service, criteria and underwriting without credit scoring; designed so you can deliver solutions for those unique and complex customer requirements.

Key Features:

  • Can lend into retirement, and to those working into later years (repaid by age 85)
  • Interest only, up to 50% LTV or part and part for higher LTVs
  • Self-build specialists (inc properties subject to agricultural ties and Section 106 restrictions) – direct with you the broker and not through third parties
  • Gifted deposit and equity acceptable
  • 4 applicants and 4 incomes allowed

Registration Process:

Earl Shilton Building Society now have an online application process and the broker can simply choose TMA as a Club on registration. Register and log in is here. Brokers who had previously registered with the Society will need to re-register for this new system.

To change a payment route after registration then the broker will need to contact the Society.

Contact details:

Richard Carson
Business Development and Marketing Manager
Tel: 01455 849019
Mobile: 07803 146824

Debbie Holmes
Business Development Manager
Mobile: 07803 146827

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