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Barclays’ common purpose is to help people achieve their ambitions – in the right way. This sits at the core of their business and underpins everything that they do. They believe that only a business driven by strong values can deliver strong, sustainable returns.

Key Features:

  • Barclays is a committed intermediary mortgage lender and offers the same products, at the same rates, through all channels, so no dual pricing
  • Competitive innovative products – this includes retention products
  • Instant and accurate decisions at point of sale with Decision in Principle (DIP) functionality
  • Faster access to client’s application status with integrated case tracking functionality
  • They put you in control, via their Intermediary Hub, saving you and your clients valuable time
  • Dedicated service and support teams based in the UK
  • Attractive rates with quick processing times
  • Instant access to tools that help you understand your clients’ borrowing needs

Registration Process:

Register for Barclays for Intermediaries here using their 3 step process. Don’t forget to select TMA Club as the payment option to receive the correct procuration fee.

Contact details:

Lender Address (Residential):
Open, Sort and Distribute
PO Box 8575
LE18 9AW

Intermediary Business Centre: 0345 073 3330
Residential and Buy to Let applications: 0800 022 4022

Lender Address (Buy to Let):
PO Box 274
Millshaw Court
Global Avenue
LS11 1FR

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