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Affirmative Finance


Established in 2004 Affirmative has gone from strength to strength, they lend on Residential, Semi-Commercial & Commercial buildings, in both the regulated and unregulated marketplace. Affirmative Finance specialise in self-build and barn conversion, but also can lend on other projects, small developments etc. They do not charge QS or staff visit fees, no experience doesn’t mean no deal. Auction funding specialists, designated underwriter and processor throughout the completion.

Key Features:

  • Fully authorised and regulated by the FCA
  • Self Build & Barn Conversion specialists
  • Spade in the ground development / foundations upwards
  • In-house legal team
  • They lend in England, Wales & Scotland

Registration Process:

Click here and follow the instructions to download a DIP form and stating that your preferred Mortgage Club is TMA, you will receive the correct procuration fee and you can begin lending with Affirmative Finance.

Contact details:

Ian Harrison (Operations Director)
Tel: 07786370523

Tel: 0161 828 8418

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