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Established in 2002, Acclaimed Mortgage Consultancy is a Midlands based business. We advise our clients as if they are our own family and we are totally invested in providing the very best outcomes for them.

We entered the Later Life lending market in 2012, when we became one of the earlier members of the Equity Release Council, at their launch that year. Based in Knowle, near Solihull, West Midlands, we offer an advice service on either a ‘face to face’ basis or via Zoom, but only if the clients are comfortable with this latter option. We provide a ‘whole of market’ service, so we can offer the most appropriate product most suited to the clients circumstances and requirements. We are highly recommended, having been recognised by our industry on four separate occasions at the Equity Release Awards. Sandy, one of our directors, now sits on the Judging Panel for these annual awards in recognition of her standing in the market.

Our advisers are highly experienced in the Later Life market, holding qualifications including CeMAP, CeRER, FPC, LIBF Accredited Later Life Lending professional and a CII Level 3 certificate in Long Term Care Insurance.

Regular training in client vulnerability is important to us due to the nature of the clients we work with. When appropriate we help and signpost clients to receive the most suitable specialist support for their circumstances.

Key Features:

  • No obligation initial meeting to explore if Equity Release might be the right solution for the client, with full fact finding advice process, with no predetermined number of meetings – client understanding is key to our advice process so we go at a pace that the clients are comfortable with to ensure their full understanding throughout the advice process.
  • Help your clients understand Equity Release and where appropriate, release their property wealth that has been created over the years for a wide range of needs – helping family onto the property ladder, home improvements, managing their own finances, the list goes on.
  • Face to face or remote advice – tailored to individual circumstances and requirements, with family involvement encouraged, at the wish/direction of the clients.
  • No ‘cross-selling’, so if a referred client is better served by a standard mortgage, or on other options on which the introducer can advise, we will refer the client back with appropriate guidance if needed.
  • We can help with education if needed to enable you to identify opportunities thereby opening up additional revenue streams for your business, such as helping you build relationships with Estate Agents connections you might have.

Refer customers

We always complete an “introducer agreement” at the outset of any relationship both for transparency and to accurately record the source of the enquiry. Cases can then be assigned to the correct person/company on our system and for the payment of fees due post completion.

Contact details:

Office number: 01676 533658
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