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What makes specialists different to mainstream lenders?


At the Family Building Society they know that not every client is a straightforward case. Family Building Society look for reasons to offer mortgages, not for reasons to reject, so sometimes they can help when other lenders can’t or won’t because it’s just too complicated.

What makes them different to mainstream lenders?

No ‘computer says no’ underwriting – They’ll listen to your clients’ stories and their human underwriters make a common sense assessment based on the merits of each individual case.


No credit scoring – They offer tailored credit checks, taking a holistic view of your clients’ finances, not just assessing a predefined set of criteria.
No set maximum loan amount.


They lend to older clients – Unlike many mainstream lenders, they’ll offer mortgages to people approaching or in retirement.
Did you know they offer owner occupier repayment mortgages up to a maximum age of 95 at the end of the term?


Our flexible mortgage products

They aim to meet the needs of the modern family across all generations and individuals not well served by the mass market.

  • First time buyers – Help younger family members take their first step on the ladder with our award winning 95% LTV Family Mortgage.
  • Family Support – Your clients could pool their family income to help a family member make their first / next step:
    • Joint Mortgage Sole Owner – Up to two family members can join together with one or two owners to support the mortgage. Meaning up to four incomes can be considered for affordability.
    • Guarantor Mortgages – Up to two parents or family members can use their incomes for affordability purposes. The owner’s income will not be considered.

If you have any questions or have a case you would like to discuss, please contact your local Business Development Manager or their Mortgage Desk.