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TMA General Insurance Overview


TMA General Insurance Overview

When it comes to reviewing your client’s General Insurance needs, here at TMA we have a number of options for you to suit your business model:

Advise Option: Place the business yourself using TMA’s Quote & Apply engine or work directly with the providers

Refer Option: Refer your clients to First2Protect or Uinsure who will provide the advice whilst you continue to earn commission for the life of the policy

Read below to find out more details about our GI proposition and how we can support your business.

You can write GI business yourself via the TMA Quote & Apply engine or go direct to the providers.

TMA Quote & Apply

TMA Quote & Apply is a unique online system which enables you to quote and apply standard household insurance sales from a panel of leading insurers. Built specifically for TMA it gives you a quick and simple sales process with compliance requirements included automatically. An advised sale can be completed in just 10 minutes in turn optimizing the long term income potential selling general insurance provides.

Our portal allows you to quote Residential and BTL.


Our current BTL panel consists of:

  • Paymentshield
  • Uinsure
  • Legal & General 
  • First2Protect

TMA Quote & Apply Engine Benefits

Our Portal allows you to select and compare premiums and product features and then apply for cover with the chosen insurer.

  • Fact find
  • Research & comparison – premiums and product features
  • Product summary 
  • Provider illustration
  • Application summary
  • Demands & needs letter
  • Confirmation of cover can be automatically emailed to the client’s solicitor
  • Available exclusively to TMA members
  • A streamline ‘one input’ system with results from multiple suppliers in just 10 minutes!
  • Market leading commission rates for TMA members
  • All paperwork automatically saved and stored online
  • The GI panel is a minimum of 4* Defaqto rating

Write the business yourself

You are able to go direct to the providers below or use Paymentshield, Legal & General and Uinsure via the TMA Quote & Apply engine.

We all know that Home Insurance is a mandatory requirement before completing a house sale, so why let your customers go anywhere else?

If you are an Adviser that finds it difficult to fit in time to do your customer’s General Insurance, then we have a solutions for you… we have two partners on our General Insurance panel who will let you refer your clients to them, so they can do all of the work relating to a GI Sale for you, and you will still earn 17.5% commission (for the life of the policy!) if the case completes.

Referral panel:

  • First2Protect
  • Uinsure

Referring your client should take no longer than a couple of minutes.

Why refer your client?

  • Generate extra income you may have not had previously
  • Ensure you clients are getting the advice they NEED
  • The company you refer to will take full control of the compliance
  • You can concentrate on the other aspects of your business
  • No cross-selling
  • Keep hold of your clients

Refer your customer

Click on each provider logo to find out more about their referral service.

Commission Structure

TMA Panel Provider Commission Rate*
Uinsure 30%
Source 27.5%
Legal & General 27.5%
Paymentshield 27.5%
First2Protect 27.5%

*% is calculated on the net annual premium.
Rates are subject to change.

TMA Introducer Commission Rates Commission Rate*
Uinsure 17.5%
First2Protect 17.5%

*% is calculated on the net annual premium.
Rates are subject to change.

How to register for TMA GI

To register to use TMAGI you will need to complete our online registration form. Once we have received your registration a member of our Mortgage Desk Team will contact you directly. Please note you will also need to complete a registration process for Legal & General, Uinsure, Paymentshield and Source.