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24 Hour Payment



Not only does TMA pay competitive procuration fees, we pay them quickly too! For ALL TMA members, we’ll arrange to transfer your funds (via BACS payment) within 24 hours of legal completion* with no solicitor’s signature required. All you need to do is log into ‘My Portal’ and fill in the payment request form online.

So if you don’t want to wait for your procuration fee from the lender, place your business through TMA and get paid quickly.

For support with the 24 hour payment claims process or to track the progress of your claim contact the TMA Support Desk on 0330 303 0236

Please note only selected lenders support this facility.

*TMA will pay procuration fees within 24 hours of the Lender confirming legal completion, subject to the following:
Any form received after 12 noon will be processed on the next working day
TMA will claw back funds already paid in the event of an overpayment or if funds have been paid incorrectly
TMA can only pay procuration fees within 24 hours of legal completion if a BACS form has been complete.