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LV= Income Protection: insuring your client’s most valuable asset.


Many of your clients might consider their most valuable asset to be their house, car, maybe their pension savings or the prospect of an inheritance. But like most, they’ll overlook the obvious – themselves and their ability to earn.

Their income pays for everything – the essential everyday bills such as mortgage, rent, utilities and food, plus the comfortable extras such as holidays, nights out and treats. Income doesn’t just cover today’s expenses – it also fuels their savings, pension contributions and their family’s future.

So, how can we protect this often overlooked treasure for your clients?

Modern Income Protection nowadays covers not only a client’s income but also lump sum benefits, not just on death but also fractures, as well as providing cover for a child’s serious illness. It’s also able to offer rehab support services, physiotherapy, psychological support and return to work services.

Meanwhile other value added services, such as Doctor Services, can help provide a simple remedy for the everyday trials such as taking time out to see a GP about a minor ailment (for you or your little ones), or those nagging back pains, or when life gets on top of you and you’re feeling anxious and stressed, without the need to actually claim.

LV= Income Protection helps to ensure not only that your clients protect their most valuable asset – their income – but also provides additional lump sum benefits and value added services too. So if you’d like to find out more, contact your LV= Account Manager, call 0800 032 4219 or visit LV.com/Adviser.