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LV= has been helping people to protect and provide for the things they love for more than 170 years and today, this purpose remains true. As a leading protection provider and the UK’s largest friendly society LV= now serves more than 5.8 million members and customers.

And as a dynamic and forward thinking business LV= is increasingly well recognised. In 2015, LV= was ranked as the best brand for insurance and investments (YouGov, 2015), the Most Trusted Life Insurer (Moneywise, 2015), and consistently receives awards for its comprehensive protection products.

But what sets LV= apart from other providers is the fact that they exist to grow the value of the business for the benefit of its members. This means that when your clients buy a protection policy with LV=, they become a member and are eligible to take advantage of a range of added value benefits and support exclusively for members.

And LV= is equally committed to supporting you with great service, a wealth of technical knowledge and a comprehensive range of protection products, tools, training and support too. To find out how LV= can help you to grow your business, contact with your usual account manager, or visit LV.com/adviser

Why use LV=?

Income Protection: At LV= we believe everyone should be supported if they’re ill and can’t work, through quality financial protection which pays out when it matters.

That’s why our Income Protection, part of the Flexible Protection Plan, is 100% own occupation – for all the jobs we insure and for the full length of your client’s claim. The cover pays an ongoing, regular benefit, helping minimise the cost and impact ill-health can have on clients (and their families).

We offer a number of different product income protection product options, take a look below:

  • Income Protection
    A traditional type of income protection suited to office workers or those in professional occupations, where the risk of occupational injury or illness is low. The price doesn’t increase with age and the insurance keeps paying out (a regular, tax free income) until your client is well enough to go back to work – no matter how long it takes.
  • Budget Income Protection
    Where cost is an issue, LV= also offer Budget Income Protection. It’s exactly the same as our full income protection, except there’s a two year maximum claim period for any one claim and the premium can be significantly less!
  • Personal Sick Pay
    This is our specialist income protection, called Personal Sick Pay aimed at clients in riskier occupations who are often more expensive to insure, such as construction workers, nurses, teachers and the self-employed. It’s an affordable option for your clients that work in manual occupations.
  • Budget Personal Sick Pay
    Where cost is an issue LV= also offer a budget version with all the same great benefits as full Personal Sick Pay, except that any claim will only be paid for a maximum of 24 months
  • Critical illness Cover
    LV=’s critical illness is one of the most comprehensive in the market. They offer 64 conditions, including 44 full payments and 20 additional partial payments, and this includes 16 are enhanced claim payments.
    But what does this really mean? It means they have broader definitions (than the ABI) for four of our commonly claimed for conditions such as Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis. And by offering quality and comprehensive cover you can be sure you’re recommending a product that will meet your client’s individual needs now, and in the future. They
     have a number of options to help you tailor the cover, as well as exceptional service enhancements to help speed up the application process.
  • Business Protection
    The most valuable asset to any business is its people. Without them, a company’s survival can be at serious risk. So we’ve made a commitment to protect and support UK Small Businesses, through our range of Business Protection options. Our fresh approach to Business Protection will help you maximise the opportunities and our experienced team are here for you; whether its answering technical questions, underwriting, processing new business applications, or offering marketing ideas and support.
  • Life Assurance
    Designed for anyone who has a need for a lump sum if they die. This could be to pay off their mortgage, take care of the family after they have gone or just to leave a legacy for their loved ones. Decreasing cover is designed to pay off the capital on a repayment mortgage
  • Decreasing Term Assurance
    This option is ideally suited to cover a capital and repayment mortgage as the amount of cover goes down each year, but the premium stays the same. The policy pays out a lump sum if your client dies during the policy term.
  • Level life insurance cover
    This option cover a number of years or specified ‘term’ and pays out a lump sum if your client dies This means the amount of cover is fixed and won’t change, and is ideally suited to an interest-only mortgage.

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