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Keystone Property Finance

Keystone is an intermediary only property finance lending brand which offers a range of funding solutions for cases that do not fit the criteria of the mainstream buy to let lenders. In particular, they can help portfolio landlords.

Why use Keystone Property Finance?

Rates start from 3.59% to 65% LTV.

Keystone accepts:

  • Individuals, SPVs & trading Ltd Co’s
  • First-time landlords & first-time buyers
  • Ex-pats (when purchasing via a SPV)
  • Remortgages within 6 months
  • Self-employed and retired applicants
  • Landlords up to 85 years old at the end of the loan term
    > Borrowers 85+ accepted on joint applications
    > No maximum age for Ltd Co applications
  • Landlords with some adverse credit
  • Landlords with income below £25k pa
  • Related transactions & gifted deposits
  • Ex-local authority property
  • Student and multi-lets (HMOs which don’t require a licence) 
  • Flats above commercial property
  • HMOs up to 8 beds
  • Multi-units up to 10 flats

Call: 0345 148 9086 to place a case.
Email: enquiry@keystonepropertyfinance.co.uk

Registration process

To read more about registering with Keystone, click here.
For the broker registration form for TMA, click here.

Contact Keystone

Phil Riches – Head of Sales
Call: 07891 499274
Email: PhilR@keystonepropertyfinance.co.uk

Paul Rockett – South West Business Development Manager
Call: 07971 822372
Email: PaulR@keystonepropertyfinance.co.uk

Moises Cruickshank – South East Business Development Manager
Call: 07971 822371
Email: MoisesC@keystonepropertyfinance.co.uk


Philip Spacey – Internal Business Manager (covering North)
Call: 01732 471665
Email: PhilipS@keystonepropertyfinance.co.uk

Mike Freeman – Head of Specialist Underwriting
Call: 01732 471669
Email: MikeF@keystonepropertyfinance.co.uk

Broker Hotline: 0345 148 9086
Email: enquiry@keystonepropertyfinance.co.uk