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Key Partnerships


Key Partnerships

Key Partnerships provide a market-leading referral service for over 8,000 advisers and they firmly believe that a straightforward, transparent, supportive and independent approach to giving advice is what provides clients with the best possible outcome. In fact, over 90% of their business is conducted through face-to-face appointments, which is unique in this industry. When you refer to Key Partnerships you can be confident that both you and your clients will be provided with the best service available in the market.

Why choose Key Partnerships?

Refer to Key Partnerships and you will receive the following benefits:

  • A generous commission paid on completion of each case – the average payaway per completed case was £1,341 in 2017
  • Key Partnerships take full compliance responsibility for all of the equity release advice they provide
  • Access to special offers and preferential terms 
  • Regular updates regarding new products, providers and innovations 
  • Confidence in knowing they search the whole of the market for the best plan for each of your clients 
  • Dedicated support over the phone, face-to-face and through email 
  • Exclusive online tools

Key Partnerships guarantee to keep you updated throughout your clients’ case, allowing you to be involved as little or as much as you like; you can either take a backseat and let them take care of the work, or attend your clients’ appointments, working closely with their specialist advisers.

Now is the perfect time to get involved with Key Partnerships because:

  • The equity release market has seen record-breaking growth, lending £3.01 billion in 2017
  • Sales of equity release plans surpassed expectations in 2017, increasing by 41% compared to 2016
  • You can provide much needed help to clients:
      • Struggling to pay off interest-only mortgages; in fact, their research found that estate agents have seen a 43% increase in forced house sales due to IOMs
      • With children and grandchildren struggling to get onto the property ladder
      • Who do not want to leave family homes, but who need to adapt their property to make it more manageable in retirement

How to work with Key Partnerships today:

If you are already registered, call their dedicated support team on 0800 138 1663 or email refer@keypartnerships.co.uk.

Alternatively, you can register on their portal at www.keypartnerships.co.uk where you can:

  • Submit referrals
  • Access informative documents for both yourself and your clients 
  • Track the progress of your clients’ cases
  • Check if your clients are eligible for equity release
  • You can even find out how much money clients could potentially release from their homes