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Halifax Intermediaries

Halifax Intermediaries is committed to providing you with a wide range of products to suit your clients’ needs with an award-winning market leading service and an extensive BDM network, to ensure they make it easier for you to do business.

Their innovative product range offers a variety of solutions for first time buyers, homemovers and those looking to re-mortgage, including product transfers.

A Product Transfer offers a quick and simple way for your existing Halifax clients to select a new rate before or after their current Halifax Mortgage deal ends, secure rates up to 3 months in advance and earning a full procuration fee.

Halifax have a dedicated Premier team on hand to provide mortgages of £500,000 to £5,000,000. They provide you with specialism and support you can trust.

  • Guaranteed specialism – relationship managers with expertise in dealing with complex and unusual cases.
  • Dedicated case management – offering an efficient and tailored service with a direct telephone line and email address for your case manager.
  • Full product range – their commitment to large loan mortgages is backed by a comprehensive product portfolio.

Their specialist housing development team and dedicated processing team are here to help support all of your New Build requirements through to completion – with a wide range of products suitable for New Build clients (with extended complete-by-dates)

Key points

  • Market-leading service from application to offer with day one verification of documents, giving your client piece of mind and avoiding delays for you, supported by an excellent BDM / TBDM network
  • Flexible criteria to accommodate and maximise the many income types in today’s employment market, including contractors, agency workers, short term contracts and self- employed clients
  • Up to 5 times Loan to Income multiples, dependent on income and loan to valuation to maximise the amount your client is able to borrow.


Mortgage Applications – 0345 030 6253

Product Transfers and Further Advances – 0345 901 3161

Premier Team – 0345 608 0853