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Fleet Mortgages

Who are Fleet Mortgages?
Fleet Mortgages is a Buy-to-Let and Specialist lender based in Fleet, Hampshire. They lend exclusively through the intermediaries offering Buy-to-Let mortgages for:

  • Standard (Individual)
  • Limited companies
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) and Multi Unit Blocks

How do they work?

Fleet Mortgages is a specialist Buy-to-Let lender operating in England and Wales, with niche criteria for both professional and semi-professional landlords allowing them to borrow via Special Purpose Vehicle Limited Companies as well as individual names on standard BTLs, HMO and Multi-Unit Blocks.

With competitive rates, great service support, and a fully integrated, automated Decision in Principle system with instantaneous responses. Intermediaries can register easily and quickly via our website portal.

What is Fleet Mortgages’ criteria?

Fleet Mortgages have a unique funding proposition which offers competitively priced products with a comprehensive criteria highlights include:

Standard (Individual)

  • Experienced and first time landlords
  • Two units on a single freehold
  • Accepted on individual BTL products
  • Non-HMO shared accommodation

Limited Company

  • Experienced and first time landlords
  • Special Purpose Ltd
    Co (SPV) new and existing
  • SPV not lender specific
  • Personal Guarantees required
  • Sale to Ltd Co from
    individual (Deposit via Directors Loan)


  • Ownership of standard BTL property
  • For 3 years, or HMO for 2 years
  • Room by room rental assessment
  • 10 self-contained units on a single freehold
  • Up to 6 bedrooms
  • Min valuation £100,000 outside London and South East regions, or £150,000 within London and South East regions


  • Unlimited background properties
  • Must be on Voters Roll
  • Minimum income required
  • Income from rental/pension/earned
  • Min age 25 at application
  • Max age 85 at end of mortgage term
  • Secondary applicants min age 21
  • No owner-occupier requirement


  • Rental calculation from 125% at 5%
  • Up to 4 applicants
  • £1m max loan size
  • £2m max exposure with Fleet
  • 5-30 year terms
  • Capital raising
  • Day 1 remortgages
  • Single/Multiple/Student ASTs
  • LA/HA/Corporate leases


  • New build houses up to 75% LTV
  • Ex-local up to 70% LTV with minimum
  • Valuation £100,000 outside London and South East regions or £150,00 within London and South East regions
  • Flats up to 5 storeys (10 inside M25)
  • Properties next door (subject to exposure limits)
  • Min valuation £75,000 (unless converted, new build, HMO or Ex-local authority property)
  • Min 35sqm

How to register

To register with Fleet Mortgages, visit their website www.fleetmortgages.co.uk Select the Intermediary Portal button in the top right of the page and follow the on-screen instructions.How to add a Mortgage Club / Network / Packager

  • Go to Fleet Mortgages website www.fleetmortgages.co.uk
  • Select Intermediary Portal in the top right of the page
  • Login
  • Select ‘User Profile’ from the top menu bar
  • Select ‘Change Submission Routes’ from the ‘Options’ list
  • Select ‘Mortgage Club’
  • Click on the arrow button to transfer into your preferred list
  • Enter your password to confirm the change
  • Click ‘Save’

Contact Details

Fleet Mortgages Ltd, 2nd Floor, Flagship House, Reading Road North, Fleet, GU51 4WP
Main Office
T: 01252 916800

T:01252 916800

Business Development Managers
Jayne Kohl
– North – 07464 544446
Chris Kirby – Midlands – 07464 927175
Matt Cortes – East Anglia – 07387 411226
Stuart Kay – North London – 07929 264379
Paul Flude – South East – 07977 439721
Graham Le Bas – South West – 07464 544443
Andy Valvona – National Account Manager – 07580 312301

T: 01252 916775