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Finance North

Finance North is a business that makes a real difference to its clients. They add value wherever possible, and give back as much as they can. Operating exclusively in the protection market Finance North helps individuals and businesses insure themselves, and those most important to them, whether that be loved ones or employees. Finance North also now offers a claims service, and assistance to anyone who needs their help, whether a client or not.

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Why using Finance North benefits you

You will work with them as specialists rather than GPs
Combining your expertise and theirs, not only do the clients benefit massively, but Finance North have proved this to be a powerful, successful and profitable combination

They can ‘free up’ your time
This enables you to do more of what you do best, allowing you to be more focused on your client, and be more profitable

Increase your revenue
Finance North will pay you 35% of the commission they receive, which may cause advisers to question how they ‘increase’ their revenue if they’re losing the other 65%. It’s simple and it works – Finance North have proved it. Advisers can increase their mortgage volume with the time Finance North free up, and because they spend time with the clients fully addressing their needs, they generally transact multiple policies with a client e.g. instead of a decreasing life and critical illness plan, which ‘does the job’, they might arrange two income protection plans and two Family Income Benefit plans as well (all written in Trust where approproate) and underpinned by separate Wills, and perhaps a Family Trust.

Because they’ve got the time, and are able to fully explain how these work for the client and their family, the business sticks, and the clients have been properly looked after. In addition. they’ve also got the back-up and support of Red Arc should anything happen, as well as their claim support service. They’ve also supported a very worthwhile and relevant charity.

Clients feel valued and looked after
In Finance North’s experience, when clients understand how you both work together – that it’s a smarter and more sensible approach specialising in your respective fields – they truly understand how you have put them first, and that you really are doing all you can do.

No cross-selling guarantee
If the premium is up to £75pm, Finance North do not clawback commissions – anything over that they would discuss with you how is best to proceed. They offer the same commission terms on any future business, or clients referred.

Register for referral service

Please email Mark Roberts, Principal and Consultant at Finance North at mark.roberts@financenorth.co.uk and he will send you a copy of the referral agreement to sign and return.