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Aegon is an award-winning protection provider. Its mission is to help people achieve a lifetime of financial security and make financial planning simple, easy and rewarding.

Look at Aegon’s Working together to protect the future leaflet to find out more.

Why use Aegon?

  • Simple flexible solutions that can change as your clients’ needs change:
    Personal Protection
    Business Protection
    Relevant Life
    Whole of Life
  • Large case underwriting expertise, with competitive financial and medical underwriting limit
  • Strong claims experience
  • Funeral Pledge – allowing Aegon to make an advance claim payment of up to £10,000 on valid life protection claims without waiting for probate
  • More than just financial support for your protection clients at no extra cost with Policy Plus:- 24/7 access to Aegon’s health and wellbeing service, providing confidential and compassionate support.
    – A second medical opinion service, providing a confidential face-to-face consultation with a local UK-based specialist.
    – Business Protection clients also have access to Aegon’s key person replacement service for help and guidance replacing ‘key’ personnel.

New Guide to business protection

Aegon have used their wealth of experience in the business protection market to develop a new Guide to business protection.

They have designed this guide to help you develop business protection opportunities whether:

  • you’re a private client adviser or corporate adviser and want to move into the business protection market;
  • you’re a pensions adviser;
  • you have commercial general insurance connections for referrals, or
  • you have links with solicitors or accountants.

Even if you don’t have any links into this market, their guide can help you develop opportunities, as well as learn more about business protection and how to advise on it.

With 5.9 million businesses in the UK1 – each with their own specific financial needs – you could be missing out on a great opportunity to grow yours.

[1]Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy – Business population estimates for the UK and regions 2019)

Keeping business protection simple

When identifying potential clients, it’s really important to identify and understand their business type and legal status. Aegon’s new guide provides information and support on specific business types including:

  • guidance on setting up business protection arrangements;
  • the tax and trust implications surrounding the different arrangements available;
  • how to identify potential clients;
  • how to develop professional connections;
  • employee benefits for small and medium sized companies, and
  • possible business protection solutions.

The Vault

And don’t forget the Vault. Your one-stop-shop for all the support material you’ll need to help you in the business protection market. This includes sample material, sales aids, technical factsheets, videos and more.

All are designed to help you understand the importance of, create the need for and discuss business protection with your clients.

Business protection toolkit

Visit their business protection toolkit for more information on business protection including access to their new Guide to business protection and all their support material.

Please do let them know if the Business Protection opportunity is an area you wish to develop as they can also assist with workshop and training etc.

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