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Added Benefits


Added Benefits for your customers

As well as their standard Protection Products, some of the Protection Providers on our panel have additional extras available if your customers want them. Read below to find out more.

Policy Plus – helping your clients move forward

Aegon’s protection policies provide more than financial security – they can also help bring peace of mind when it’s needed most.

Policy Plus offers a range of support services for no additional cost, whenever your clients or their immediate family needs them. This includes a 24/7 health and wellbeing service, a second medical opinion service, a key person replacement service and a funeral payment pledge. These services are available throughout the life of the policy, providing clients with peace of mind and reassurance when they need it most.

You can also benefit from Aegon’s health and wellbeing service

Aegon knows that you have difficult conversations with your clients and their families when they suffer from injuries, illnesses or they die – and those conversations can take their toll. So as well as covering your clients, you can now use Aegon’s health and wellbeing service too.

Find out more about Policy Plus

For further detail on the added benefits that Aegon offer, read on:

Health and wellbeing service

All of Aegon’s protection customers have access to a health and wellbeing service provided by their partners, Health Assured. This gives your clients access to confidental support and guidance on a wide range of issues, including:

  • loss of a family member or friend;
  • diagnosis of a medical condition;
  • emotional issues;
  • marital and relationship concerns;
  • family concerns, for example childcare;
  • work-related concerns, and
  • consumer rights, legal and debt issues.

Your clients can speak to Health Assured’s qualified and experienced counsellors over the phone in confidence 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call them on 0800 028 9095 or access the dedicated Health Assured online hub at healthassuredeap.co.uk 


Second medical opinion service

Aegon’s second medical opinion service can give your clients confidence in their, or their family members diagnosis and treatment options. It allows them to get a confidential face-to-face consultation, with a UK-based specialist who is local to them. This service from RedArc includes:

  • long-term support over the phone from a personal nurse adviser, before and after the consultation;
  • a face-to-face consultation to help them understand the initial diagnosis and consider the treatment and options available to them, and
  • a copy of the report complied by a specialist, with a copy sent to the clients GP.

To find out more, and see if second medical opinion would be right for your client, call 01244 625 180 or speak to one of redArc’s registered nurses. Or you can read more about the second medical opinion service here.


Key person replacement service

If you’ve got a Business Protection or Relevant Life policy with us, you’ll have access to our key person replacement service, provided by Identify HR & Resourcing Solutions.

If your client or a key person within thier business is unable to return to work due to injury or illness, or the key person dies – Identify HR & Resourcing Solutions will help ensure the continuity of your clients business. They can:

  • provide help and guidance on how to find replacement ‘key’ personnel – whether temporary or permanenet including:
  • providing CVs of potential candidates;
  • providing advice and support when looking for a permanenet replacement, and
  • support in writing job specifications, adverts and recruitment agency briefs, and
  • provide advice, guidance and support on all aspects of employment law via their employment helpline.

The Identify HR & Resourcing Solutions business consultants are available over the phone in confidence, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (exclusing public holidays). You can call them on 01688 320 620 or email Aegon@i-dentify-solutions.com

Read case studies from Aegon customers who have benefitted from these additional Services

Best Doctors

AIG provides access to Best Doctors – a service that provides invaluable second medical opinions.

AIG knows that people have questions after diagnosis. Best Doctors give clear and reliable answers, making sure AIG policyholders and their families get the right diagnosis, treatment, and care. Best Doctors can advise on everything from minor surgery to major health concerns, like cancer and heart disease. The service can even look at pre-existing conditions too.

AIG’s support doesn’t just suddenly end once a claim is paid. If a customer claims for critical illness, AIG continues to give access to Best Doctors for three years – empowering their policyholders to manage the after-effects of treatment.

Find out more about Best Doctors here.

This service is not available for employees benefits policies. 

Winston’s Wish

The death of a parent or sibling can be one of the most devastating things a child will ever face. That’s why AIG has partnered with a leading UK charity Winston’s Wish to help bereaved children and their families get the specialist support they need.

Winston’s Wish offers a wide range of practical support and guidance in the UK, including online resources, publications, a national telephone helpline, professional face-to-face support and group work.

AIG encourages anyone who needs to make a life of terminal illness claim to use this service – it doesn’t matter how old or new the policy is. Find out more about Winston’s Wish here.

As well as the high quality cover provided by Aviva’s protection products, they also offer a number of additional benefits which are available at an extra cost which, if chosen, can provide even greater protection against life’s uncertainties.

Extra care cover

In the most severe of cases where an illness has a prolonged life-changing impact, a much larger adjustment to your client’s day to day living, and therefore more financial support is required – extra care cover may be needed to help make things mroe comfortable.

To help protect your clients in these circumstances, Aviva offer extra care cover as an optional benefit on their Life Insurance+ and Critical Illness+ policies. It provides a payment of £50,000, in addition to the cover amount, where your client suffers from a critical illness, upgraded critical illness, or total permanent disability (where selected) and is left with severe, permanent symptoms that meet Aviva’s definition.

Alternatively, Aviva will pay the full cover amount plus £50,000 if your client is diagnosed with certain neurological conditions before age 50. Find out more here.


Fracture cover

Available with Aviva’s Life Insurance+, Critical Illness+, Income Protection+ and Living Costs Protection products, Fracture cover offers additional cover for a range of fractures.

It pays a one-off lump sum if your client suffers from one of 18 specified fractures during any 12 month period. Aviva will pay one successful claim each year. Find out more here.


Global treatment

If your client or their child were to suffer from a serious illness such as cancer, it’s only natural they’d want the most accurate diagnosis possible – and access to the very best advice and treatment.

Aviva has teamed up with Best Doctors and BDU to offer global treatment. This gives your client access to medical experts and covers teh cost of overseas treatment for certain serious illnesses or medical procedures, as defined in the policy conditions.

Global treatment is a way to make overseas treatment possible at a time when your client will almost certainly want to explore all possible avenues, it offers more choice and access to quality treatment options.

Global treatment is available to Aviva’s Life Insurance+, Critical Illness+, Income Protection+ and Living Costs Protection products. Click here for more information.

Find out more about Additional Benefits from Aviva

GP 24/7

Never wait for long to speak to a doctor again

All policyholders can access a GP consultation from a UK-based doctor from their phone, tablet or PC. Available at any time, day or night and from anywhere in the world.

  • choose phone or video consultation
  • available whether home or abroad
  • no time limit on calls
  • no cap on number of calls
  • also available to policyholder’s immediate family
  • provides prescriptions and referrals
  • medically validated health information
  • message a doctor
  • services nearby

This service is provided by medical Solutions UK Ltd.


2nd Medical opinion

Peace of mind when it matters most

All policyholders can get access to a specialist second medical opinion following diagnosis of a serious illness as well as long-term support from a dedicated nurse adviser.

  • face-to-face consultation with a UK specialist
  • discuss concerns about diagnosis or treatment options
  • results in writing sent to the patient and their GP
  • nurse advise and support before and after consultation
  • help to understand results, deal with recommendations and come to terms with the outcome

This service is provided by RedArc Assured Ltd.


Find out more here

LV= Helpline and more
Every client who takes out (covered by) one of our personal and business protection and retirement products, becomes a member of LV=, and will be entitled to a range of value-added benefits and support. These include a free and unlimited access to our confidential LV= Health and Wellbeing helpline, as well as generous discounts on a numbe rof LV= insurance products.


LV= Health and Wellbeing Line
Exclusive to members and their families, the LV= Health and Wellbeing line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, offering free and unlimited access to nurses, trained counsellors and lawyers.

Other member services that LV= offer include:

Doctor Services
Confidential, expert medical advice

When it comes to your client’s health, LV= know that they want the best and as the UK healthcare system continues to change and our lives get even busier, the need for quality, convenient medical services has never been greater. LV= want to add further value to your clients’ policy with them, and to your recommendations. That’s why all new clients will get access to LV+ Doctor Services at no extra cost, giving them fast and convenient access to expert medical services.

LV= has also added 3 additional services for your clients to benefit from, including Remote Physiotherapy and Remote Psychological Services as well as offering discounted health MOTs. These services will also be available to clients who can already access LV= Doctor Services.

To find out which products include Doctor Services, click here.

Member product discounts
As a member, your client will be entitled to discounts on general insurance products, including LV= car, home, travel and pet insurance. You can find out more here.

The LV= community
Your client will also be able to sign up to receive our member newsletters, which feature news from LV= and the opportunity to win prizes.

Financial assistance
Once your client’s been a member for a year, they’ll be able to request financial assistance if they (or a fmaily member) are struggling to make ends meet. Since 2001, LV= have helped hundreds of members by offering a financial helping hand as they understand that sometimes people do fall on hard times, thorugh no fault of their own. This could include things like funding for specialist equipment following an accident, or adapting the home following the diagnosis of a serious illness. And the great thing about the fund is it’s managed by a small, independent committee of LV= policyholders who look at each individual request and decide whether a grant can be awarded.

Annual General meetings (AGM)
Members are also invited to attend the AGM. Once your client has been a member for 12 months or more, they’ll be invited to vote at the AGM.


Second medical opinion

Life insurance policies taken out from 29 June 2015, automatically include L&G’s Second Medical Opinion service at no extra cost in the event of a terminal illness claim or critical illness claim (if the client has chosen to add Critical Illness Cover)

If your client has chosen to use Second Medical Opinion, a claim must already have been made. The Second Medical Opinion service provides access to a database of Consultant Specialists throughout the UK, allowing a face-to-face consultation with a supporting report which is sent to both your client and their GP.

For more information about Second Medical Opinion click here.

Legal and General also provide the a GP 24 Service, which includes a General Practitioner Service and a Private Consultation Concierge Service. Find out more about these additional services here

Helping Hand is the support service your clients automatically get access to with all advised Royal London protection plans – at no extra cost.

Royal London has helped over 1,000 customers and their families through difficult times last year. And because Royal London appreciates that everyone is different, Helping Hand can be tailored to clients needs with a wide range of options:

  1. A second medical opinion, when reassurance is needed
    Mortgage Consultant Helen was only 39 when she was diagnosed with cancer. Her Helping Hand nurse arranged for a second medical opinion, which for Helen was a lifeline. Watch a short video here to find out how Helping Hand supported Helen in her time of need.
  2. Support for the family, when everyone’s struggling
    Royal London’s Helping Hand nurses support partners and children too. This meant that when Jenny was going through cancer treatment, her husband Adam also had his own dedicated nurse to talk to.
  3. Mental health support, because talking makes a difference
    When Jade was off work with extreme stress, her Helping Hand nurse was there whenever she needed someone to speak to. She also arranged for her to see a life coach to help her focus on the future.

Read Royal London’s latest blog here to find out four other ways that Helping Hand can help support your clients when they need it most.

Member Benefits

HealthWise – the smart way to take care of yourself

All members of The Exeter will have access to HealthWise, their member benefits service.

HealthWise is designed to help keep your clients healthy and happy every day. It offers quick and convenient medical advice and treatments that can be accessed from anywhere in the world through their HealthWise app via smartphone or tablet.

What’s more, HealthWise can be used without the need for your client to claim on their policy, using HealthWise will bever affect their premiums or any No Claims Discount. To find out more information on HealthWise, visit The Exeter’s Member Benefits page on their website here.


As well as the award-winning cover, Vitality gives your clients something back when they get active and track their activity, meaning they can benefit without having to claim.

Vitality plans:

  • With VitalityHealth, all Vitality partners and rewards are included on Personal Healthcare plans, Corporate Healthcare plans need to include Vitality Plus to access the reward partners. Minimum monthly premiums apply to Personal Healthcare.
  • To access the full range of rewards and discounts with VitalityLife, your clients must add Vitality Optimiser or Wellness Optimiser to their plan for an additional monthly fee, currently £4.50 per adult. Minimum monthly premiums apply.
  • For VitalityInvest, your clients need to have the VitalityInvest Retirement Plan in order to drawdown with Vitality Plus for an additional monthly fee, currently, £4.50 to access Vitality’s full range of rewards and discounts.Terms and conditions apply.

To find out more, visit the Vitality website here.