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The Cambridge Building Society

The Cambridge is an independent, mutual society which has been integral to the community since 1850.

They provide funding for people buying their own homes and are a trusted home for people in a position to save.

The Cambridge Building Society is committed to delivering a clear, timely and straightforward service to Intermediaries at a time when their needs, and those of their customers, are becoming more complex than ever before

In March 2021 they made the decision to widen their lending area from a regional basis to England and Wales.

Key Features:

  • No upper age limit
  • No credit scoring only credit check
  • Flexible Underwriting
  • Lending into retirement
  • Earned income to age 75 assuming they can retire at age 75

Registration Process:

Visit and click ‘Register’ to complete the registration process.

The team will be in touch to confirm your registration, once confirmed login to their online services – click on “My Profile” and choose the option “Change my submission route list”, where you will be able to select TMA.

Contact details:

For more information about The Cambridge, contact their Business Development Team on 0345 601 2744 or via live web chat on

You can also email them at or contact Christy Rattle, BDM: or Duncan Turner, BDM:

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