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Reliance Bank was established by the founder of The Salvation Army and remains part of The Salvation Army today. Our customers tell us we provide fantastic customer service. We are affectionately known as the 131 year old start up, as we have only been looking to pro-actively grow our business since September 2019 through a mortgage intermediary channel. We are currently looking at how we can grow our proposition and provide enhancements we have lots of exciting things in the pipeline so watch this space.

Helping good people do great things with money
Reliance Bank has been at the forefront of socially responsible banking since 1890, when we were formed by William Booth the founder of The Salvation Army

The power to change lives
The Salvation Army International is Reliance Bank’s shareholder. The Salvation Army help people whose lives have been affected by emergencies, disasters, poverty and social inequality.

Key Features:

Their USPs are: they are an old school type of lender, who wants to speak to brokers to talk through cases before anything is submitted to them – they are able to review your case and get a proper feel to see if this would fit our criteria. Once they have gone through a case with you over the phone – Reliance Bank would ask you to complete an application form and send onto your client to review / sign and return back to us. We would look to complete an Agreement in Principle which is valid for 4 months from date of issue.

AIPs are soft footprint with Experian and we also use CIFAS and only go to hard footprint when the case goes to FMA (Full Mortgage Application Stage). Please also note that rates are only secured when the application reaches FMA stage.

The broker would benefit from having the following benefits;

  • A dedicated point of contact for the duration of your application – from AIP all the way through to completion.
  • Manual underwriting – being able to credit search instead of credit score
  • Soft footprint for all AIPs
  • Formal mortgage offers valid for 6 months from date of issue
  • Note that all applications currently work to surname and postcode filing system and not a numeric application number system (account numbers only used when cases complete)
  • Gifted deposits – we allow friends as well as family members contribute towards deposit as gifts (note we do have requirements for any such cases which need to be completed PRE Formal Mortgage Offer)

Sourcing systems

Please note Reliance Bank products can only be sourced on Twenty7Tec. A member of their team can however, supply you with all of the documentation you would usually receive from the other sourcing systems.

The current rates and product ranges are below.
Key Worker Mortgages
Mortgage and remortgage free rates
Shared Ownership Rates
House Purchase Rates

Registration Process:

If your firm have never used Reliance Bank before please email or call the mortgage team on one of the below numbers:

Gareth Ford, Senior Underwriter – 0207 398 5421
Daniel Leach, Mortgage Underwriter – 0207 398 5422
Fatima Ali, Mortgage Underwriter – 0207 398 5423

A member of the team will them provide you with a full registration form which must be completed.

Once you are registered with Reliance Bank, don’t forget to confirm your preferred payment route as TMA Club, on each mortgage application form.

*Please note, Reliance Bank currently only lend on properties in England and Wales.

Contact details:

To place new business please call the mortgage department on one of the above telephone numbers to discuss your case requirements with one of the underwriters.

Opening Times:
Monday – Thursday    8:30am-4:15pm
Friday    10:00am-4:15pm
Saturday – Sunday    Closed


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