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Reliance Bank Ltd


Positive Lending’s background in second mortgages can be traced back to 1991. They pride themselves in offering a tailored solution for your client every time, and can advise or package your case for you depending on your mortgage permissions.

They exist to provide excellent customer outcomes and genuine value to financial intermediaries.  Positive Lending have arranged over £2 billion in transactions and helped thousands of customers find the best loan for them.

Key Features:

  • Fully authorised to provide advice to your clients
  • Whole of market, with over 100 specialist lenders on panel
  • Completely transparent fee to your client for advice and packaging. They charge £1495 for Residential and Buy To Let second mortgages
  • Access to bridging finance through mainstream, specialist and private banks with over 50 lenders offering enhanced procuration fees
  • All of their advisers are CAS status CeMAP qualified
  • Immediate quotation and research summary reports provided over the phone
  • 1 hour SLA for written enquiries
  • Face to Face meetings with you Regional Account Manager
  • CPD sessions and regional workshops
  • Multi award winning – Positive Lending has been nominated or won 31 awards in the past 7 years
  • Nearly 300 years collective experience in the finance industry

Sourcing systems

Please note Reliance Bank products can only be sourced on Twenty7Tec. A member of their team can however, supply you with all of the documentation you would usually receive from the other sourcing systems.

Registration Process:

If your firm have never used Reliance Bank before please email A member of the team will them provide you with a full registration form which must be completed.

If you’re a DA Brokerage who has never utilised Reliance Bank Ltd before as a mortgage lender – Please email / call the mortgage team requesting registration documentation *

Once you are registered with Reliance Bank, don’t forget to confirm your preferred payment route as TMA Club, on each mortgage application form.

*note – that Reliance Bank we on-board at FIRM level for all DA’s and as such there is no individual registration process.

*Please note, Reliance Bank currently only lend on properties in England and Wales.

To Place New Business

Please Call the Mortgage Department on one of the below telephone numbers to discuss your case requirements with one of the Underwriters.

We ask that all advisers have their clients fact find in front of them when they call the underwriters so they can complete the budget planner stress test document, as well as any other points that they may wish to discuss, such as adverse, nationality, income make up. Proposed property. We will be able to run through criteria as well as confirming affordability during the call.

Following the call, the underwriter will send you a detailed email covering the details of the case discussion, together with outcome of the affordability stress test together with our application form, packaging guidance and confirmation of our service level agreements (SLA’s) at the time of the conversation.

We will also remind the member, that Reliance Bank conduct a quality assurance check of all applications submitted for AIP assessment, where following the check, the outcome will confirm if the case has passed initial screening or if there is remedial work which would need to be undertaken to allow the application to be passed onto a underwriter for formal assessment.

Contact details:

Gareth Ford, Senior Underwriter – 020 7398 5421
Ashezi Yiggon
, Mortgage Underwriter – 020 7398 5422
Sonny Rasoda
, Mortgage Underwriter – 020 7398 5423
Gareth Byrne
, Head of Mortgages – 07584 187 415

Opening Times:
Monday – Thursday    8:30am-4:15pm
Friday    10:00am-4:15pm
Saturday – Sunday    Closed


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