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Platform is an established intermediary lender that, since 2009, has been part of The Co-Operative Bank. They provide a comprehensive range of products to meet customer queries as well as developing new products and improved lending criteria to suit the changing needs of your customers.

Key Features:

  • Can lend to age 75
  • Can lend 4.85 x income
  • Free basic valuation on residential cases
  • Income from land & property can be used with 2 years proof on     residential cases.
  • Registration takes only four hours

Registration Process:

Register here online. Its a quick and easy process and don’t forget to select TMA Club as a payment route to recive the correct procuration fee.

Contact details:

Broker Support Helpdesk
Tel: 0345 070 1999

Get in touch with us today.

Need criteria support? Contact the experts on our Broker Support Team.