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Optimum Commercial Solutions Ltd


Optimum Commercial Solutions are experts in delivering Bridging & all types of Commercial Finance. Finding the right source of funding can be challenging & complicated. It requires a level of expertise & time to search the market to make sure the best solution is identified.

As a business we hold over 100 years of experience in commercial banking. We pride ourselves on the trusted relationships we have built with our lenders. Building such relationships is key to knowing exactly where to go to ensure the quickest turn around & the highest quality of service, at the most competitive price.

Our specialist team have unrivalled knowledge in property investment, development, bridging, healthcare and unsecured business finance. We have a team of experts in all areas of commercial & bridging finance, ready to deliver whatever YOUR clients need. 

Key Features:

  • In house individual specialists in all areas of commercial finance (healthcare, bridging, property & development, trading business, unsecured, commercial property, portfolio landlords)
  • Support & train brokers to help hunt for more referrals
  • Support brokers to create and increase their business protection sales relating to referred commercial transactions.
  • Broker to broker relationship – we speak the same language
  • Giving your clients the red carpet service that your high standards demand

Useful Links

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Refer customers

Broker has to enter details/FCA number etc, to be able to refer so we will identify & record as a TMA case.

Contact details:

Office Telephone No: 0114 2291905

Commercial Director:
Paul Naylor : 07974419877

Divisional Sales Director:
Chris Duckworth: 07394 452 867

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