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Gatehouse Bank


Gatehouse Bank is an award-winning UK bank founded in 2007 that provides competitive Buy to Let, Home Purchase Plan and Savings products that are Shariah-compliant for both UK residents/entities, UK Expats and International clients looking to acquire or refinance property based in England and Wales.

Key Features:

  • Finance for UK Residents, UK Expats and International Residents from £75k to £5m
  • Clients based in high-risk jurisdictions accepted.
  • No early payment charges across our entire range
  • First time buyer/first time landlords
  • Portfolio landlords – no limits on background portfolios
  • Up to 80% on standard property

Products and criteria that help you, help your client

  • No minimum income requirements (unless FTL/FTB’s)
  • Refinance allowed within 6 months of purchase – subject to extended underwriting checks.
  • Standard Residential, HMOs and MUFBs with no limits on the number of beds/units
  • Up to 80% on standard residential property including new builds
  • Up to 75% on HMOs and MUFBs

Registration Process:

New users click here to register. Once Gatehouse have received your application, their Sales Support Team will contact you when they have activated your account. If you are experiencing difficulties with the registration process, please call 08000 356 544.

If you are already registered with Gatehouse Bank and wish to change your club to TMA, please email confirming that you would like us to amend your payment route.

In addition to submitting business, you can also introduce business to them (eg. Home Purchase Plans) by visiting their website here.

Contact Details:

Call Gatehouse Bank on 08000 356 544

Press option 1 – to speak with the Telephony Business Development Managers and discuss a new business enquiry

Press option 2 – to speak with a Case Manager and discuss an application which has already been submitted to them

Email us

Get in touch with us today.

Need criteria support? Contact the experts on our Broker Support Team.