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Fleet Mortgages


Fleet Mortgages is a Buy to Let and specialist lender based in Fleet, Hampshire. Lending exclusively through the intermediary sector, they offer Buy to Let mortgages for residential landlords as well as limited companies and those seeking finance for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

  • Competitive product range presently priced at new business rates with a reduced completion fee
  • Two- and five-year fixed-rate options (Standard, Limited Company and HMO/MUB)
  • Less paperwork to complete – No legal work*, application fee or valuation required

* Some alternative options may involve legal fees but if they do, Fleet will pick up the bill.

Please contact the team at Fleet prior to making an application for a Product Transfer to ensure your client is eligible and to discuss other possible options.

I have attached a copy of our new Product Guide which contains details of our product transfer range of products only.

For further information, please visit the Product Transfers page on our website: 

Key Features:

  • Day 1 re-mortgages, at the new market price (if significant work have been completed)
  • Fleet have no stress testing on background portfolio’s for Portfolio Lanlords
  • Balcony and deck access is allowed
  • Properties next door

Registration Process:

Fleet Mortgages have an online registration form on their online protal, that only take a matter of moments to complete.

Contact details:

Sales Team
Tel: 01252 916 800

Completions Team
Tel: 01252 931 399

Mortgage Services
Tel: 01252 916 800

Get in touch with us today.

Need criteria support? Contact the experts on our Broker Support Team.