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CHL Mortgages


CHL Mortgages is a specialist Buy To Let lender, lending within England and Wales.

They lend to Individuals and Limited Companies to finance a wide range of properties including Houses, Flats, Shared Accommodation, New Builds, Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO), and Multi Unit Freehold Blocks. CHL Mortgages welcome First Time Landlords right through to experienced Portfolio Landlords.

Straight-talking – You can expect clear, accessible information, about their processes, criteria, rates and fees and they will always explain their decisions.

Common-Sense – CHL underwriters will work to understand the whole picture, making the correct lending decisions based on the merits of each case.

Consistent – They want you to know what to expect at each stage and their team are on hand to answer questions so you can serve your client with confidence.

Green & Simple – CHL are focused on making things easy and green. They have a paper-free process, clear communications and a solutions-driven approach.

Key Features:

  • Limited Company Lending to Trading Companies and Special Purpose Vehicles (Layered Companies, Directors Loans, Inter Company Loans all accepted). Rates are not loaded – we charge the same rates as we do for Individuals.
  • Portfolio Landlords – flexible underwriting approach, with no maximum number of properties in the background.
  • Generous stress rates – from 125% at pay rate (all 5 year products).
  • We lend on standard properties, including flats above commercial, ex local authority, together with HMOs and Multi Unit Freehold Blocks.
  • Minor Adverse is acceptable at standard rates

Registration Process

The principal, or authorised admin deputy, can register the firm here.

Once registered, this person can add further users from their firm. A full guide to registration is available here.

TMA Club should be selected from the Mortgage Club drop down list on each application submission.

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Contact details

01252 365888

BDM Team
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