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BuildLoan is part of BuildStore, the UK’s leading provider of construction based finance. Dedicated to the intermediary market, they can help you find the best solutions for your homebuilding clients, having helped over 20,000 customers build their own homes over the last 20 years.

Whether it’s for your client’s main residence as a self build, renovation, conversion, custom build, home improvement, knockdown and rebuild, or a project of any scale to let or sell – BuildLoan can provide you with a wide range of tailor made solutions.

Exclusive products, expert packaging, extensive know-how

BuildLoan is uniquely placed to help brokers operate efficiently and provide the best advice. They provide exclusive mortgage products with their lender panels to suit the specific needs of your clients whether they’re self builders, renovators and more recently custom build.

Key Features:

  • Higher lending percentages – up to 95% on land/property with outline planning and up to 95% on build costs
  • No need to sell current home first – clients can stay in their existing home as they build their new one due to enhanced cash position offered
  • More money earlier – particularly useful in the case of timber frame kits where client is required to pay for their kit early on
  • Unique advance stage payments – or traditional arrears stage payments
  • Interest Only – available during the build to further improve cash flow
  • Overpayments – allowed without penalty
  • Competitive rates – and a choice of lenders
  • Less work – and competitive procuration fees

Registration Process:

Register with Buildloan here and complete the form and submit the application through TMA Club to receive the correct procuration fee.

Contact details:

Tel: 0345 223 4447.

Packager Address:
Buildloan Limited
8 Houstoun Interchange Business Park
West Lothian
EH54 5DW

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