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Buckinghamshire Building Society


As a busy mortgage broker, you will have a range of clients, some with less than perfect credit backgrounds, unusual circumstances, or complex incomes.

While most lenders continue to employ credit checks or use a credit score process to determine whether or not to issue a mortgage, Buckinghamshire Building Society take a different approach, providing a truly personal review for individual customers seeking a loan. Each application is reviewed by an underwriter who has the discretion to authorise a loan up to £500k without the need to refer to credit committee.

Their team are happy to talk through your cases so visit them today.

Key Features:

  • No max age at exit or entry
  • No income multiples, lending is based on affordability
  • 40 year terms
  • Most income types considered if there is a proven track record
  • Empowered underwriters who can use their judgement to make decisions that are right for your customer

Registration Process:

To register with Buckinghamshire Building Society please visit the broker online login and register form here.

Contact details:

To find out more about their mortgage range click the button below:

Mortgage range

Tel: 01494 897500

For Existing Cases
Call 01494 879500 press 2

Key Account Managers:

For new enquiries and to arrange meetings
Claire Askham (North)
Tel: 01494 418257

Julie Hanif (South)
Tel: 01494 418254

For DIP enquiries
Paige Golia
Tel: 01494 879500

Get in touch with us today.

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