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Just how can Top-Slicing help your Clients?


When it comes to raising finance on BTL property, it isn’t just about rental cover.

They recently had a Broker contact them with a Client looking to raise £140k against a BTL property for Debt Consolidation and Home Improvements.

The Client had:

  • A monthly mortgage payment on the BTL property of £1.1k
  • Rental income from the property of £2.2k;
  • But, being a higher rate tax payer, high street lenders were unable to assist due to a shortfall in rental cover.

TLE had a great option, utilising a lender that would also accept the Client’s personal income.

They were able to secure funds that consolidated the Client’s debts giving them the monthly reductions that they needed, whilst also releasing the funding required for the Home Improvements project.

Remember, if insufficient rental cover is preventing your Client from raising additional funds on a BTL property, call TLE on 0800 032 9595