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Joint Borrower, Sole Proprietor


A great solution for customers looking to get on to the property ladder with some help from their family.

JBSP Highlights

Up to four applicants on the mortgage, with a minimum of one applicant on the property deeds – all four incomes considered

Gifted deposit accepted from an immediate family relative

Maximum age 80 considered – term based on the oldest applicants age


For full details on the points above please refer to their Mortgage Lending Criteria Guide.


Case Study

James and Christine’s daughter Lauren, a trainee solicitor, was looking to move out of the family home, however, like many first‑time buyers, struggled to secure a mortgage based on her salary alone.

James got in touch with their mortgage adviser, who was able to recommend Metro Bank and the JBSP proposition.

This not only allowed them to gift their daughter the deposit but also enabled them to be on the mortgage application and use their earnings to achieve a higher level of borrowing; which meant Lauren was able to buy her new home in just her name.


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