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Knight Frank Equity Release Webinar

Knight Frank Finance is delighted to be supporting TMA members with a new Equity Release referral service.

In this session, David Forsdyke, who leads the Later Life Finance Team, will give you an overview of this developing market, explain how the new referral service can benefit you and your clients, and answer your questions about equity release.

If you would like to arrange a 1-2-1 meeting with David to discuss a specific client referral, please tick the box when you register for the webinar.

You can also submit a question when you register and we’ll answer it during the session.

View it here

AMI Protection Survey

AMI has requested the market research company Opinium Research LLP to undertake a major piece of work looking at both consumer and intermediary views of the protection market.

It is important to AMI that as many advisers complete the intermediary element of the study as possible. There are 15 questions which should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

We would be grateful if all advisers, whether members or not, complete the interview to give us the best possible set of representative results. This will be one of the largest samples ever undertaken and we will be publishing the results in early November.

We would appreciate it enormously if you could find the time, in what we know are very busy days, to complete this task by 21st September 2020.

Complete the survey

Greenfield Blog – Downsizing

As lockdown measures begin to ease, we have found a steady increase for bridging finance relating to downsizing and chain-breaking scenarios. Clearly the SDLT holiday is encouraging the property market to move.

The biggest blocker of downsizing we come across tends to be borrowers who cannot raise enough funds for the purchase price of their new home right away.

It is also worth bearing in mind not all individuals looking to downsize are headed towards retirement. According to the Office of National Statistics, the number of people claiming unemployment benefits jumped to 2.7milllion between March and July this year. With this in mind, another popular reason to downsize may be to raise funds or free up some capital to clear outstanding debts amid economic uncertainty. Or, as it’s difficult for first-time buyers to get on the property ladder, borrowers may want to help their children build a deposit for their first home.

There are a couple of factors we suggest keeping in mind when looking to downsize. Firstly if you are looking to relocate, be sure to factor in the average costs of living in for region you are moving to. According to Zoopla, coastal regions tend to be the most popular tourist destinations and retiree hotspots in the UK. This typically means the cost of living and property prices in these areas also tend to be higher.

Our straight-forward bridging criteria is suited to help support those looking to move house and ease stress of the process. If the borrower has additional security, we can offer up to 100% of the purchase price for their new home. Also, we do not ask for income requirements which means we can cater to those outside the working population. In particular this works well for pensioners as serviceability is not a requirement as our bridging loans have no monthly payments, loans are redeemed with a bullet of interest and capital at exit when the property is sold.

Give our team a call or drop a email to Averil@Greenfieldmortgages.com and we’ll be happy to help!

Could these 4,000 people know something that you don’t?

Over 4,600 people have registered for our Consumer Vulnerability in Later Life online training developed with SOLLA.

The recent Guidance Consultation, GC20/3, reiterated that protecting vulnerable consumers is a key priority for the FCA, so now’s a great time to use this training.

Benchmark and boost your vulnerability knowledge.

Meeting with your Key Partnerships BDM

We are aware that the last few months have been very challenging for everyone individually as well as their businesses.

We will be hosting a series of zoom meetings for 30 minutes to talk you through some of the opportunities that the Equity Release market holds this year that could work alongside your business.

This year has definitely seen a change in a number of areas whether it be the mainstream mortgage market change In criteria for first time buyers or how people who have used funds using Equity Release.

The following dates and times are available for you to book on to:

Nurlana Kerimli – Central area –


Key Partnership 15th  October 10am

More2 Life 22nd October 10am


Sanjay Gahdia – London and South East – Sanjay.Gadhia@more2life.co.uk

Key Partnership 5th  October 10am

More2 Life 6th October 10am


Hema Patel – Northwest, North Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – Hema.Patel@more2life.co.uk

Key Partnership 6th  October 10am

More2 Life 8th  October 10am


Rachel Flanagan – South Wales and South West – Rachel.flanagan@more2life.co.uk

Key Partnership 12th  October 10am

More2 Life 14th October 10am

Change to Furlough Income Policy

Platform introduced temporary guidance in April 2020 which was reviewed and extended in June 2020 to consider customers who were in receipt of furloughed income in support of the government changes. The scheme is set to come to an end in October 2020 and in line with government and market changes Platform have reviewed their position.

As of Monday 14 September 2020, Platform will no longer be accepting furloughed income for new origination, any new mortgage cases need to meet pre-Coronavirus secured lending criteria income rules.

New  RIO Mortgage – Your questions answered

Our new Retirement Interest Only Mortgage: your questions answered

We’ve just launched our new Retirement Interest Only Mortgage (RIO) – an interest-only mortgage for over 55s with a fixed interest rate for life.

If your client’s existing mortgage is coming to an end, a RIO could help them pay the outstanding balance and stay in the home they love.

If you or your clients have questions about if a RIO could be the right decision, we’re here to help.

Visit our website to find an explainer video for clients, a simple guide to RIO – and more.

Properties with land – clarification of policy

We always aim to be as clear as possible in our communications to you, and that’s why we’re letting you know that the way we assess mortgage applications for properties with land is now different. Currently, as a general rule, we won’t be able to lend for properties with more than 10 acres.

There can be challenges associated with properties with more land, such as justifying pure residential use. We always want to give a fair and honest service to you and your customers, and make things as clear as possible for everyone.

A Director at Connells Survey & Valuation explains:

“From a valuation perspective, once the land extends beyond immediate garden use, there are challenges in valuing agricultural land and/or woodland, both of which are specialist valuation areas outside the skill set of residential valuers.”


Properties with between 3-10 acres

When a property has between 3 and 10 acres, we’ll still be able to lend provided a suitable valuation report is provided and the land has no commercial or industrial buildings.

For further information…

As always, your BDM is there to help you. If you want to ask questions about the policy change or if you feel you have an enquiry that might justify an exception, they’re happy to have a conversation.


If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our Broker Support team, we recommend using web chat or email us at bdmsupport@skipton.co.uk.

Why people need critical illness cover

  • 5 million people in the UK are living with cancer, almost 900,000 of whom are working age.
  • Nearly 2.3 million people in the UK suffer heart disease, with 240,000 currently in employment.
  • Over 1.2 million in the UK have had strokes, with over 130,000 survivors still in the workforce.
  • 30,000 UK workers suffer from Multiple Sclerosis

Our research* discovered that only 22% of people thought they could maintain their lifestyle without having critical illness cover. 33% of people said they’d have to seriously cut back if they wanted to survive, with another 32% realising that they would be in deep financial struggle.

Cover that does pay

At Legal & General we have worked hard to improve the definitions around conditions covered. This has helped to make them much clearer.

Currently, we have around 92% of Critical Illness claims paid, that rises to 96% for Children Critical Illness Cover.

So, people shouldn’t ignore taking out cover due to a fear that it won’t be paid.

Extra conditions covered

Our Critical Illness Extra provides further financial protection against certain life changing illnesses, when standard just isn’t enough. Includes 48 full payment conditions, 28 additional payments with a payout of up to a maximum of £30,000 (or 50% of the sum assured, whichever is lower).

It includes all features of our Critical Illness Cover such as Children’s Critical Illness Cover  (which can be upgraded at outset for an additional cost to Children’s Critical Illness Extra for parents who would like more cover for their children). Also provides access to Nurse Support Services – Access to a suite of support services provided by Red Arc Assured Limited. Available to your clients and their immediate family anytime during the length of your client’s cover

To discover more, visit our dedicated page.

 *Research undertaken by Cebr and Legal & General. 

Self-employed Soundbite from Precise Mortgages

Millions of people have had their working lives affected as a result of COVID-19, including the country’s five million self-employed workers1.

With many lenders still adjusting to the new landscape as things slowly return to normal, many self-employed people are struggling to get the mortgage they need because their circumstances are deemed to be too complex or too unpredictable.

Here at Precise Mortgages we don’t believe customers who work for themselves should be penalised through no fault of their own. It’s why we accept customers with one year’s figures and take other income sources, such as pension income, into consideration.

Click here to find out more.

Source: https://www.ons.gov.uk/employmentandlabourmarket/peopleinwork/employmentandemployeetypes/articles/coronavirusandselfemploymentintheuk/2020-04-24

LV= Flexible Protection Plan – supporting your clients financially and emotionally

At LV= we know that all your clients are unique and face multiple risks in their lifetime. That’s why the LV= Flexible Protection Plan allows you to build a tailored solution for your client to suit their protection needs.

You can protect your client’s income with our award-winning Income Protection solutions, and support their family through illness, death and everyday life. Our comprehensive plan offers quality cover for the whole family budget and lifestyle, and can be adapted throughout their life with our recently enhanced Critical Illness Cover and Family Income Benefit.

Find out more about LV= Flexible Protection Plan

Family Income Benefit – now part of the LV= Flexible Protection Plan which pays a monthly income on death or diagnosis of a terminal illness and added to our Fastway quote and apply system.

Enhanced Children’s Critical Illness Cover – Providing extensive cancer cover, enhanced payments and children’s cover, with the option to provide more coverage under Enhanced Children’s Cover.

If you would like to find out more about please visit LV.COM/adviser, contact your account manager or call 0800 678 1890

Four ways Kent Reliance for Intermediaries can support you

After what’s been a challenging year for us all, Kent Reliance for Intermediaries wants to highlight some of the ways it can continue to support you:

  • Individual case assessment from a team of experienced underwriters – Between March and August 2020, they assessed AIPs within 24hrs with full cases being underwritten in three working days.
  • Specialist support from your local senior business development manager and an accessible Broker Liaison Team – From March 2020, the team has answered 18,176 broker enquiries over the phone.
  • Providing industry insight to keep you up to date with the latest news – The specialist lender recently launched a brand new Insights and Events section. Why not take a look?
  • Quick responses to your queries through Live Chat – The team responded to 11,626 Live Chats from March to August 2020.

If you’re interested to see how Kent Reliance for Intermediaries could help you and your clients:

·         Speak to your local business development manager

·         Call the Broker Liaison Team on 01634 888260

·         Visit krfi.co.uk for Live Chat and the latest product information

Launch of dedicated Introducers section and submission form

As you may be aware, as well as accepting business written by Intermediaries, Gatehouse also offers the facility where registered introducers can pass introductions to us and we will transact the business with the customer.

To further enhance this facility, we are pleased to advise that as from today, the Gatehouse Bank website now hosts a dedicated section for Business Introducers who would like to introduce customers to us.

This section is designed to assist you when submitting introductions. It provides details on eligibility to submit business, the introduction submission form and a link to the fees we pay for introduced business.

If you have any questions regarding this communication please contact our Broker Support Team at