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Have customers who are looking to build, renovate or extend?


You can’t miss the vast amount of building work going on locally.  In the main, it is by large property developers/builders, but we are receiving enquiries from brokers with customers looking to build their own dream home or renovate and extend their existing properties. This can also include knocking down the property and building a new one in the same location.  These are normally called Self Build Mortgages or Development Projects.

If you have customers considering these, they should have a chat with a local architect first to see if their plans are realistic possibilities. They will have a good idea as to what the local Council Planning Officers will accept and of course, what they will reject!  Lenders then may look to lend funds on a stage payment basis. Stage one might be the foundations, stage two might be ground level and so on.  Each stage would require sign off by the building inspector, and often the lenders own valuer, then funds would be released.  The lender may not lend the full build amount, so be prepared to put in a reasonable deposit, especially at outset to demonstrate your own commitment.

For extensions and renovations, it may well depend on the size of the work and what funds are required.  If they are altering the property substantially, rebuilding etc, we tend to find that only specialist lenders will take these on and in some instances, these may be on a short-term basis.

Development Finance and Bridging Finance (also known as short term lending) is money to be used in the short term to facilitate a financial transaction which has either an urgent or short lifespan and which is primarily geared to a property transaction.  The most regular type of transactions include: a property being purchased at auction: the purchase of a new property whilst the current one is still being sold: acquisition of a property which needs substantial renovation before it is suitable for a traditional mortgage or payment of an unexpected expense whilst more regular finance is being arranged, and so on.

Beware though, these lenders will need certainty on the exit route (how will they get their money back?) and with this type of lending and associated fees, it can be more expensive than a normal mortgage. Therefore, it makes sense to exhaust all other possible options available to you before going down this route and impact Specialist Finance can talk you through all the possibilities, so call us on 01403 272625.