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The CIExpert Adviser Online Service enables advisers to increase their efficiency and confidence in assessing the most appropriate critical illness policy for their clients.

Using the intuitive software tools provided, advisers can create detailed comparisons of both current and historic CIC policies in minutes rather than hours.

Who are CIExpert?

CIExpert is an independent organisation that creates in depth analysis to assist advisers in choosing the best policy for their clients. Over seven years of complex research and analysis translates into a ranking system that matches policies to individual needs.

The comparative tables have been compiled using the annual incidence figures adjusted by the scope for a successful claim allowed by the different claims wordings.

To learn more about the benefits of becoming a CIExpert Affiliate Member, see further details at www.ciexpert.co.uk.

Key Benefits

Value based comparison – not just cost

A detailed ranking system based upon incidence statistics, assists advisers in matching policies to individual needs.

To learn more about the benefits of becoming a CIExpert Affiliate Member, see further details at www.ciexpert.co.uk.

Ensure adherence to compliance standards

Compliantly demonstrates to the client that the plan selected is suitable and maintains an audit trail.

Automated report for client confidence

Enables the adviser to create a comprehensive comparison report in minutes, providing detailed analysis for their client.

Improve your Protection business with the CIExpert Adviser Service

Compare critical illness with ease

Selecting the best policy for your client has never been simpler. With the use of their statistical ranking system, a level of insight that could previously only have been achieved within 4-5 hours of details research can now be achieved in a few minutes, saving you time and money.

Breathe new life into your Protection business

Whether you’re using the system to review existing clients or for new sales, the percentage of clients buying on quality vs costs improves dramatically. Not only will your clients benefit from a superior product, and thereby a superior service, but your bottom line will feel the benefit too.

Deliver first-rate customer service

Transform the way you communicate options to your clients with the use of CIExpert’s detailed comparison reports. Advisers tell CIExpert their clients love their reports, that by using them interactively in their client’s discussion they are more engaged, impressed bu the quality of advice they are receiving and therefore more confident to proceed with the sale.

1 day FREE trial

If you would like to find out more about the service by trying it out for yourself, then you can register below for a ‘1 Day Free Trial’. Most advisers find that in just an hour or two they can readily see for themselves the true value of the service.

The trial will commence from the first time you login, allowing you to choose a convenient time for it to start.

Click here to register for a ‘1 Day Free Trial’.

If you want to understand more about how the service works, you can watch a pre-recorded webinar.

It is about 45 minutes long, provided a full introduction to the service; explaining how the ranking system works, creating some live comparison examples and using the system as a new sales tool as well as reviewing client’ existing policies.

Click here to see the webinar.

Feel free to call the CIExpert helpline if you need more information on 0203 771 4607.